Friday, 9 December 2016

The Cultural Enrichment of Germany

While I have been researching (also known as procrastinating), the inimitable Paul Joseph Watson has put it all neatly  into the proverbial nutshell.  One benefit of my researches however is that I can confirm every item  he mentions is sourced and documented. Over the coming weeks and months I will go closer  into some of the stories he alluded to. 

I don't know whether to cry or to vomit when I see that not only was Mother Terrorista Merkel voted back in as Führerin  by an overwhelming majority of her party faithful but that, even worse,  55 % of so-called "ordinary Germans" intend to vote for her fake-conservative party again.  

Some time ago, I half-jokingly  (not quite believing it myself) said that Herr Schickelgruber, were he to return today would get an even easier ride into Germany, France and even Australia; looking at what is really happening now, I am afraid  of my own Cassandra talents. 

Oh and the Greens' Party Member (a political party incidentally who has in the past and is again agitating for the decriminalisation of Paedophilia) mentioned by Paul Josef Watson might have his wish of Arabic replacing the language of Goethe fulfilled soon enough if Germany follows the sample of poor France: There, a dual nationality, Arab-Muslim Moroccan, chosen by President Hollande as EDUCATION MINISTER, has already introduced the obligatory teaching of Arabic into French schools, replacing classical languages like Greek and Latin. 

!?What will be taught in Arabic and by whom ?! 

^^^ Consider this  last question as largely rhetorical ^^^

A Word To The Criminal Migrant from Pat Condell

! Someone had to say it !

Merkel's People-Replacement policy rapes and kills

Here is an article from the indefatigable Baron Bodissey whose blog Gates of Vienna shines as a bright beacon in this dark tunnel we seem to be going through right now: 

Maria L: A Victim of Merkel’s People-Replacement Policy

"The young woman who was raped and murdered in Freiburg last October by an Afghan “17-year-old” was originally known in the media only as “Maria L”, in accordance with the standard European protocol. Eventually her surname surfaced: Ladenburger. And her father is a high-ranking EU official.

It also turned out that both Maria and her father were “refugee-helpers”, with her father acting in his professional capacity to promote the cause of the refugees.

Below is a German video that analyses the pro-multicult work done by this family of useful idiots. Oz-Rita, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes this note:

This video is in your face, quite melodramatic and perhaps a little tabloid. It’s also hard on the father, but I understand the great disappointment of the Germans: they thought that now, at last, since the child of a high official Merkelite had been murdered, the denial and hiding would stop — it did NOT. The Tagesschau would not even publish it, because it was “merely local news”. 

I translated Umvolkungs Politik into my own neologism: “People-Replacement Policy”. In French it has become official as Le Grand Remplacement, but I have not yet come across a relevant new English word for it.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:"


Here is a small  sample from the commentary page of the above article:

DiMu on December 9, 2016 at 2:12 pm said:

I thought the video was too mild! It ought to have been a call to arms, not merely a warning.

Our courage is pitted against the Islamic barbarian, but primarily against the Left’s INSANITY. How else can we describe such a flight of reason?

I dare say that never before in human history has a political elite acted with such suicidal intent, because they must know, there will be no trade-off for themselves, once Islam gets a grip.

@ DiMu

I’m with you, but in Mother Terrorista’s Germany, where Merkel had the gall to put a former STASI member (Anette Kahne) in charge of “Internet Security”, I actually expect this video (and perhaps even its publisher?) to disappear from sight before you can say “Adolf Erdogan & Soros” twice.

What you see at minute 3.47 are the actual hands and paunch of Angela Merkel.

And to close this post, hear this commentary from  a young German/Austrian who describes himself thus:

"I'm an identitarian activist, blogger and Co-Leader of the Identitarian Movement in Austria. On this channel I will upload English videos to give you my identitarian view on different issues.:


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Pope Francis: Shut the F**k Up

I'm a semi-lapsed Catholic, or rather a "Catholic Agnostic" and I approve of this message. 

This little ditty comes from a time, long ago, when the BBC was still funny, relevant, a trusted news source and its Anti-Christian-Anti-Jewish crusades were neither yet its nasty default position nor done in the service of global islamisation as  now. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Donald Trump's Heart

A little glimpse into it  by Ben Carson: 

        Le coeur a des raisons que la raison ignore......

The heart has its reasons which reason ignores.....

Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Trump Women Are Better

Firstly, I want to thank "the Left" (those in the herd and those, euphemistically referred to as the "Elites")  for   having given us Donald Trump; it is the only good thing they have done since Jesus saved Maria Magdalena from getting stoned ! 

And now, let me present to you two absolutely gorgeous Trump Supporters - 


I hope it's not a hanging offence, while still living under the PC dictatorship to opine that I find most women around Trump far more attractive than the compassionistas who batted for Obama/Clinton such as Miley Syrius, Cher etc. even including the formerly quite reasonable Whoopie Goldberg. Didn't all those virtue-signalling actresses and actoooors give us their (so far not kept) promises to leave for other planets should the Big Bad Trump win?

And then there is one of Michelle Obama's go-to fashion designers who obviously felt attention-deprived. So she announced that she will refuse to dress incoming First Lady Melania Trump, and obviously suffering from a very inflated sense of self, even called on other designers to do the same.

Sophie Theallet, whose dresses have been a fixture of Michelle Obama's wardrobe for the past eight years, declared (unsolicited I believe) that she would not continue to provide her services for the next First Family, in a statement released on Twitter on Thursday.

Pssst: See what I mean when I say  I find the Women around Trump more attractive ?

"Designer" Sophie Theallet has said she will not dress Melania Trump. Photo: Getty

Looking at that fashion designer's own outfit and at the way she dressed Michelle Obama , I somehow cannot imagine the elegant Melania Trump asking for her services....Yes I know !  Miaow ;)

I even find Michelle Obama,   the Daaaarling of the by now shuttered  classes,   not quite as  attractive as  to warrant the  adulation she has been receiving from the closet-racists and their near hysterical begging to please-please-please stand for the position of President. In fact she became rather  irritating after she took to tut-tut-ing  the  "sexist" language  of  Donald Trump and  her outrage at his occasional verbal slip-ups seemed contrived, especially as  she had invited Rap(p)ers into the White House whose lyrics would leave Trump's sexist peccadillos in their wake...... Double Standards anyone ?  

^^^ Mrs Obama is right ^^^

Melania Trump, née Knauss hails from Slovenia. She was born in the picturesque town of  Novo Mesto in the former Yugoslavia. I don't know if this future First Lady likes the folk music of her country of origin, but just over the border, in my native Bavaria I grew up to the sounds of of the Oberkrainer: 

Call me a country pumpkin and old fashioned, but I do prefer these sounds (very fast dance steps) the rap(e) artists that Michelle Obama brought into the White House.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Postcard from Merkel's Germany


Senator Calls For OZ-exit from UN-elected Swill

I'm not counting on Australia's  dhimmy politicians eg Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and the present pretend-conservative  PM Malcolm Turnbull to be more than shivers in search of a spine when it comes to the pack-rapists of "Human Rights", but slowly real men are coming back into politics, and about time too! 

A little window on the French Resistance

The "official" version given by this extremely left and even more extremely islamophile French Government is that things are "under control",  the infamous Jungle of Calais (*) has been dismantled and that now "tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles"

The reality, as not reported by the Lügenpresse,  is that this was, at best, "cosmetic surgery". The problems have been swept under the carpet: By "Nacht und Nebel" and without informing the good citizens, let alone consulting them, the "refugees" of Calais have been "distributed" all over France, and "refugee centres" have sprung up like mushrooms after rain in every corner. Apart from those who have a vested interest in the illegal immigration industry, e.g. lawyers, Sorros-financed No-Borders thugs, socialist mayors, and the terminally gullible, the residents of the "chosen villages and towns" are waking up and are, justifiably, alarmed. 

This  11 November, for the second time, some 1,500 people followed the call from "Versailles Familles Avenir" to protest against the installation of "the illegals" in Rocquencourt (Yvelines) and everywhere in France. 

The speech I have chosen to translate is the one given by Christine Tasin, Présidente of "Résistance Républicaine", one of the most courageous women in France. Here is the U-Tube Channel on which you can see the other speeches (in French only). H/t Riposte Laique

In her speech, Christine Tasin, a former Professor of Classics, refers to the Sermon of the Jeu de Paume, standing as she was, just steps away from the Palace of Versailles, where the founding act of French democracy took place and where, on the 20 June 1789, in the Jeu de Paume room, the deputies took an oath not to adjourn before adopting a Constitution for France. 

(*) We reported on the Jungle of Calais: here