Monday, 30 March 2015

50 Shades of Barack Obama

Speaking of "submitting", I'm just reading the latest book by Michel Houellebecq, one of the better contemporary French writers: "Soumission"

This novel gives us a scenario which is all the more frightening as it is quite plausible: A Muslim with ambitions as big as those of Adolf Erdogan has become President of France. In one scene two protagonists discuss the "Story of O" and liken it to Islam: "...Le sommet du bonheur humain réside dans la soumission la plus absolue.../...the summit of human happiness lies in the most absolute submission" says one to the other " y a pour moi un rapport entre l'absolue soumission de la femme à l'homme, telle que la décrit "Histoire d'O", et la soumission de l'homme à Dieu, telle que l'envisage l'islam.../...for me there is a relationship between the absolute submission of women to men, as described in "The Story of O " and the submission of man to God, as envisaged by Islam..."


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