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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tango of the Archangel

My Moon Boot is off and so am I, doing some touristing at loooooong last and even some culturing as one should when in Paris. Just came back from the the opening of a Van Dongen exhibition (don't we say "vernissage" anymore?, the invitation was to the "inauguration de l'exposition..."). I dont know the visual arts very well, so, of course,  I completely fell for what must be  the most showy piece among showy pieces:  the "Tango of the Archangel":

There is something I find enticingly sensual in the juxtaposition of  a nude female body and a fully dressed male figure. I wonder if that is just me, or if that's normal...  ,

And, while speaking of Archangles:  has the question "Was Schindler Archangel or Mephisto? "  ever been answered definately? (Psssssst: personally I found Mephisto always more interesting than his heavenly counterpart).


  1. It could be just you AND normal, but probably isn't.

    This reminds me of something, something... maybe many things?

  2. Hi Fantomas:) - to quote one of those red-heads that seem to be so plentiful in Australian politics:

    "Please explain?"