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Monday, 13 February 2012

Graffiti, broken promises and Fake Furs

And I still like Graffitti, Paris style, they SAY something, like this weather report:

This car was parked in my street last week when the day temperatures rarely got above minus 4 degrees during the day.

 I  dont remember a time that cold in Paris ever. So I ordered a fur coat (FAKE * of course) from an online store which guaranteed delivery within 24 hours - at a pretty substantial additional cost.

3 days later later, getting even colder, I faced the fact that  the guaranteed-delivery-within-24-hours had become nothing more than a broken promise and I went into a Brocante who sold me a fur jacket (FAKE of course). My "combien svp" question was answered with "50 Euro mais je vous la donne pour 30 Euro". 5 minutes later I heard the woman repeat the same words to a client who was holding an art deco lamp.  Never mind, the bargain warmed the cockles of my mercantile heart and the fur jacket warmed the wrapping of my soul.

So now that  I am the owner of a winter coat (which I brought from Oz), a very big Fur jacket (FAKE of course) and an even bigger fur coat (FAKE of course) it will get warmer very soon and I will probably resent all this warmth giving comfort, when I return to Sydney and my checked luggage limit is 20 kgs.

*) While I would never wear a real fur coat  even if I could afford it (some of my best friends are feathery and fury animals), I think whats apparently happening here on public transport  to the people who do  wear real furs is going a little far: I'm told that people  put matches to the fur coats, even if there is a person in it.

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