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Thursday, 23 February 2012


I AM enjoying Paris, not least because of the ueber-smorgasboard of politics offered here on Radio, on TV, in the papers,  in literary programmes, in cooking-presentations, in fashion-shows...it's politics, politics, politics. Perhaps this has to do with the next elections being less than 3 months away, but I think politics is in the blood of Paris and of France if not the blood of Paris and France.

A political animal myself, I am basking in the multitasking of people who have time on their hands: watching TV, scanning online, listening to radio, arguing with friends,  but it’s only when I go online to Australia that I see a seemingly GIANT battle brewing in the corridors of Canberra for the ALP leadership: "blood on the floor" - "heads rolling" - "drama of Shakespearean proportions" and the recurring worry, voiced by all sides: "what will they think of us over there?  Gasp horror!"

Well my lovelies, a little ditty by that delightful poet, Piet Hein puts it in a one-fits-all-nutshell: 

Denmark seen from a foreign land
looks but like a grain of sand.
Denmark as we Danes conceive it
is so big you won’t believe it.

I have not heard one word nor seen one questionmark  about that huge epic fight in Oz, whereas I will really have to educate myself about Kangaroos and assorted marsupials who are all the go here when I mention "Australia". Neither the name  “Gillard“ nor that of  “Rudd“ excite the Gallic curiosity - so, even if one or both of them should still be there when I return to the Antipodes,  I wont spend my time researching them, since this kind of Canberra product does not seem to have export quality.

 Regarding local politics, the  woman I admire most in this French election campaign is Marine LePen: every bully, every media outlet, every defamer,  every member of the herd, attack her and knee-cap her, yet she stands up to these packs, again and again,  head high, open, strong, unwavering: I would like one like  her for Australia. (And dont believe her accusers when, in desperance de cause, they call her anti-semitic: if I was French, I would vote for her, but if I was Jewish, I would doubly vote for her, she is the only friend Israel and the Jewish people have among the French politicians).

The one I admire least is  Jean Luc Melanchon, an extreme left bully, a Jew-hating trendoit, a faux rebel, loved by the media,  we thankfully dont seem to  have too many of his kind in Australia, yet:

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  1. Some wise person said that power struggles in academia were bitter not in spite of, but precisely because of the stakes being so low, I think that might apply to Gillard and Rudd, there doesn't seem to be any substantial political difference between them. Nothing to attack except each other.