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Friday, 23 March 2012

And the medal of victimhood goes to...


In an article to our partisan  ABC, Tariq Ramadan, the cleverest of all media manipulators when it comes to euphemising the teachings of Allah, has begun the process of whitewashing the killer and of awarding the mantle of victimhood .

He waxes tenderly:

“…Mohamed Merah is, in other words, rather like an overgrown adolescent - unemployed, at a loose end, soft-hearted but also disturbed and incoherent, as illustrated by his long hours of conversation with the police as they surrounded his apartment. An unbalanced, provocative, conscious, non-suicidal killer, we are told, who wanted, as he put it, to "teach France a lesson.…[snip]...A substantial number of French citizens are treated as second-class citizens. Mohamed Merah was French (whose behaviour was as remote from the Qur'anic message as it was from Voltaire's texts). Is it so difficult to acknowledge this fact? There, indeed, lies the French problem."

The somewhat angry answer I posted to the taxpayer funded ABC will probably not see the light of the screen, since they never publish my contributions, so I will opportunistically take the floor of my own blog and post it here. (Ahhh the fringe benefits of blogging…)

This is what I wrote to the Australian Broadcasting service:

"Being the ABC, you will, of course, have a prominent member of the ghastly "Muslim Brotherhood" (in fact the grandson of its founder) commenting on this drama.

Apart from the sly manipulation of perceptions, there are quite a few factual (and I think deliberate) mistakes in this quaint little ode to the eternal victim, the Muslim/Islamist.

To mention but one of those factual “mistakes“: this Arab/Muslim, originally from Algeria, did not say that he would "like to teach France a lesson", he said "I will bring France to her knees". He also did not kill Christians/Muslims/Jews indiscriminately, he definitely aimed mainly for Jews (even having travelled to Israel for "research" to this effect).

And this islamist murderer was not all that far removed from the koranic messages either. Nor are propagandists and media darlings (such as Tariq Ramadan) as innocent in the making of that Jihadist, as you and he would have us believe. "

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