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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Election Night in France

And the winner is: What the "embedded" media will not tell you...

Tonight, the election for Francois Holland is celebrated as it should be. On one side of the coin you are shown the Young who carry placards “For a calm France”...

But, one does not show you the other side of the coin: French flags burnt at the Place du Capital, in Toulouse, where violent incidents have exploded.

One will not tell you that in the departments with the postcode 91, 92, 93 (Parisian suburbs), 77 and in Toulouse and Nanterre, dustbins are being set on fire and police are ordered not to intervene. You will not be informed that in Marseille a Molotov Cocktail has been thrown at the Commissariat of the 3e arrondissement.

Nor will you be told that in the 20eme Arrodissement of Paris, it’s urban warfare against the police, with several aggressions and mortar attacks against the guardians de l’ordre.

Tonight, over the whole of Paris,  police on patrol are insulted. The 93 burns and police are attacked with stones. In the 92 police are attacked with missiles. Some cities in the 93 burn and in Saint Denis stones are thrown at police.
On the Champs Elysees, boutiques are closing and the CRS arrive. So it begins…

Some “youth” attack the police verbally who cannot reply. Wild rodeos a little bit everywhere. (*)


(*) My translation above  is approximate. The original article by Dreuz.info is in the link. The numbers 91, 92, 93 etc. referred to are the so-called "sensitive suburbs" of Paris whose inhabitants are mainly of african/arab/muslim immigration back ground. Toulouse is, of course, the city in which Mohamed Merah massacred the French Soldiers and little jewish children in their school.


Since posting, the following pictures and paragraphs have been added to the original article:

La Bastille last night: not one French Flag
  On ne vous montre pas non plus les drapeaux algérien, palestiniens, Place de la Bastille. Je me demande ce qu’ils faisaient là, mais je sais que si quelqu’un les avait brûlé, il y aurait eu une guerre civile. /
One does not show you either the Algerian and Palestinian flags, Place de la Bastille. I ask myself what they were doing there, but I know that if someone would have burnt them, there would have been civil war.

One of the very few French Flags seen after the "victory" of the Left.
These voters  obviously dont like the laws of the Republique that forbids the wearing of the full face veil in public places
 as they stroll down the Champs Elysees, celebrating their victory (97% of Muslims voted for the Left) on election night.

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  1. No French Flags, of course! - France is beseiged by these mad dogs, allowed to immigrate from the countries these flags represent. France to them is welfare payments and their freedom from prosecution.