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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Son of Hamas


This is courage I admire, and this is a film I will go and see!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Is Obama a Dobber?

Did Obama really dob his own side in? ...Or is he on the other side anyway?...and the side he dobbed in is not his side? …and never was....?  Soooooo  many brain-hurting questions, soooooo little time...(before his re-election)...

THE One-State Solution:

Give the Middle East to the Jews ! :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

World champion in Anti-Semitism is…

…my beloved France.  And Australia is not far behind. What’s wrong with these two favourite countries of mine?

According to the latest research on global anti-Semitism conducted by the Kantor Centre at the University of Tel Aviv, there was a reduction of 27% in the number of anti-Semitic acts worldwide, but an increase in the violence of those acts. 446 serious incidents were reported in 2011, compared to 614 in 2010.

And here they are,
these shameful statistics, 
in all their simple uglyness:

1  France 114                                 
2  England  105
3  Canada    68
4  Australia  30 
5  Ukraine   16
6  Russia 15
7  USA 13
8  Lithuania 6
9  Argentine 5
10 Switzerland 5
11 South Africa  3

.Update:  This anti-Jewish  attack referred to in the video below hardly makes the news any more in France, and if it does the 90 % leftist  and 150 %  Dhimmi  media will find a 1001 euphemisms rather than name the beast by its name (just like in Australia): these boys were attacked because they are Jewish, and they were attacked by Arab thugs because that's what they do. Many of them see  Mohamed Merah as their "hero".

Modern French Mothers...

….well I dont know about  “modern”  but, anecdotal evidence though it may be,  this picture reflects the modern demographics in France quite accurately, at least from what I have seen.

Anne-Marie Aubrun (eight children) et Horiya Zaknoune (twelve children ) received the gold medal.
Nezha Charafi (five children) et Fatima Stittou (four children) had the right to bronze.

These are the “mothers, representative of France” honoured in Chateauroux  this mother’s day. For their fecundity, they received medals and a cheque.

Caroline Alamachère from  the French site Riposte Laique writes :

"...C’est une tradition plus que centenaire en France que de fêter et promouvoir la famille française en récompensant par une médaille et un bouquet de fleurs la méritante et féconde maman, celle qui a mis son utérus au service du repeuplement de la patrie.
Et ce n’est pas un hasard si ces honneurs vont de plus en plus souvent aux mamans d’origine maghrébine dont la fécondité est légendaire..."
Approximate translation:

It’s a century old tradition in France to celebrate and promote the French family by rewarding, with a medal and a bunch of flowers the deserving and fecund mummy, who availed her uterus to the repopulation of the nation.  It is no accident that these honours go more and more to the mothers of maghrebian (Algerian/Morrocan/Tunesian) origine, whose fecundity is legend.

Caroline Almachere tells us that these mothers speak Arabic rather than French and she adds:

"...Ces mères de familles nombreuses, avec les allocations que nous leur offrons grassement par le fruit de notre travail, ont tout le loisir de procréer et d’engendrer cette nombreuse descendance appelée à terme à nous remplacer. Condoléances."

The mothers of these huge families have, thanks to the generous allocations that our hard work affords them, all the leisure in the world to procreate and engender this large descendence  that will eventually replace us (the French). Condoleances!.

I understand her anger.

Friday, 1 June 2012

International Politics ;)

I'm going out on a limb here, as I have no idea what the text says. Unlike certain Playboy readers, I confess that I came for the pictures...hehehe

....and, relatively unrelated: here is the trailer of a movie I am going to watch when it comes to Australia: