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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Typewriter Solo :)

The Alternative Media is dead

and good riddance !

"There is no longer any place for a leftist alternative media because it is no longer an alternative to anything. Only we are the alternative..." writes the delightful .Sultan Knish in his column today, not mourning the death of the New York  Village Voice.

Sultan Knisch's articles always pack a punch, this one ^^^ bites and draws blood!

And here is Monthy Python's variation on the same theme:


Friday, 17 August 2012

Israel I salute you !

The bared face of Judenhass

Andrew Bolt writes:  Before you watch this utterly vile and brainless anti-Semitic rant, realise this: Sheik Salman Al Ouda is listed as one of the most influencial muslims in the world.

Now watch and worry deeply:

And  this  kind of people own a huge junk of  France:  Real Estate, soccer clubs, Politicians, Media...:

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Les vieux...

One Sunday afternoon in Paris, I took this  photo, without permission, and now, to confess  premeditation and put a seal on my indiscreet trespass, I chose the most disturbingly sentimental song by Jacques Brel which makes me cringe sometimes and cry some other times.

Random Paris Faces

At a bus stop by the Louvre -  2 pennies for the thoughts of this young man?  I  would give more than that...

At the Bld. St. Michel exit of the Jardin du Luxembourg.
I could not see what paper the man was reading, and now,
I will never know...was it the Figaro? Le Monde?...I dont think it was le Canard Enchainé though ;)
First rays of sunshine after that coldest of winters 2012

When I came across this one, I was thinking of this old German childrens song:

Kommt a Vogerl geflogen,
setzt sich nieder auf mein' Fuss,
Hat a Zetterl im Schnabel
von der Mutter einen Gruss...

Pick the Tourist

The tourists are the ones who dress like they think the Parisiennes dress....only they dont....trust me ;)

No, I'm not 20 any longer, and that's good.

(very loose interpretation)

Who kills the Christians and who saves them?

"Give me a child to the age of 7 and I give you the wo/man"..., well in my case they got themselves  a Catholic Agnostic.

Still, it disturbs me that now in 2012 Christians are still persecuted - and killed. It surprises me not that this happens in the Middle East. And it surprises me even less that the only refuge, these persecuted Christians are finding in that region is Israel. Big Bad Israel that is soooo demonised globally, even by some Christians of the "they-killed-our-Jesus" kind, thereby  confirming the truism that "no good deed shall go unpunished".