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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Random Paris Faces

At a bus stop by the Louvre -  2 pennies for the thoughts of this young man?  I  would give more than that...

At the Bld. St. Michel exit of the Jardin du Luxembourg.
I could not see what paper the man was reading, and now,
I will never know...was it the Figaro? Le Monde?...I dont think it was le Canard Enchainé though ;)
First rays of sunshine after that coldest of winters 2012

When I came across this one, I was thinking of this old German childrens song:

Kommt a Vogerl geflogen,
setzt sich nieder auf mein' Fuss,
Hat a Zetterl im Schnabel
von der Mutter einen Gruss...

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