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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gaza: Rockets, Bollywood and updates

A little counter-weight to the partisan "news" of our national, tax-payer funded ABC who leads its news with their usual  subliminal and not so subliminal messages:

Time to expose a little Bollywood scene from Gaza which illustrates that that particular emperor is not so much naked as disguised:

And then there are the women
the women and the children,
always the women and the children,
Jews do eat Arab children for breakfast,
don't they?!


"…The world as a whole, not just the occasional liberal brat, will continue being disappointed in Israel for not having magically and non-violently resolved the dilemma of people shooting at it no matter what it does. After all there's already a book titled, "How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less" on the shelf. Why not just read it and do what it says?..."  says Sultan Knish in "A Peacetime War or a Wartime Peace


The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) has dispersed warning leaflets above several locations in the Gaza Strip. This video is from Thursday, Nov. 15, over Khan Yunis.

The leaflet in Arabic reads:

"Important announcement for the residents of the Gaza Strip: For your own safety, take responsibility for yourselves and avoid being present in the vicinity of Hamas operatives and facilities and those of other terror organizations that pose a risk to your safety. Hamas is once again dragging the region to violence and bloodshed. The IDF is determined to defend the residents of the State of Israel. This announcement is valid until quiet is restored to the region. Israel Defense Forces Command."


Update 2:

"...The terrorists [HAMAS] are committing a double war crime: they fire at Israeli civilians, and they hide behind palestinian civilians..." says Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

Update 3.

If you watch nothing else, watch this  6 minute video from minute 5.00:

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