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Monday, 21 January 2013

Postcard from Mali

It is clear that the Mali people would rather be re-colonised by France than enslaved by islam, and in the Streets of Bamako  there are  more French flags flying than in France these days.

In my not-so-humble opinion, to come to the aid of Mali was the first good  presidential decision by Francois Hollande and  he is paying the price already within France, of course, the very much increased  presence of security forces in the Streets of Paris shows this.  If the loathsome Minister for Justice, Christine Taubira (*) is spitting chips at the moment, my Schadenfreude will be something to behold...

Prenez garde, jeunes soldats Français; on pense à vous!

 (*) Increased security forces in the streets of Paris today


(*)First initiative Christine Taubira took after  undeservedly getting this powerfull job in the newly elected socialist government was to emasculate the  French police force and empower the most dangerous criminal elements in France. Young thugs from the no-go migrant areas, mostly arab and sub-Saharan muslims, will not be going to prison any longer under her plan, because “they are carrying the weight of their former colonisation on their  shoulders” she is reported to have said. 


The Taliban of Timbuktu by The New York Times:

"BEFORE the recent French intervention in Mali began, 412,000 people had already left their homes in the country's north, fleeing torture, summary executions, recruitment of child soldiers and sexual violence against women at the hands of the  militants...[...]...First the islamists banned music in a country with one of the richest musical traditions in the world. Last July, they stoned an unmarried couple for adultery. The woman, a mother of two, had been buried up to her waist in a hole before a group of men pelted her to death with rocks. And in October the Islamist occupiers began compiling lists of unmarried mothers..."


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