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Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Christian begging for his life?

I dont know why, but this man just pulls all my heartstrings and I cannot get his face out of my mind.

Found it at Vlad Tepes:

"Christian begs for his life to Muslim conqueror in Syria"

Not sure what to make of this one.
I don’t know who the producers of this video are or anything about it really but it does appear to be a good indicator of where Syria is going thanks to all that Western and mostly American support for the Muslim invaders determined to make Syria part of the new caliphate at the expense of Christians, Alawites and all other minorities or non-Sunni muslims in the region."

What have they done to Syria?!

"The revolution like Saturn devours its own children" 
In this ^ case I would say:  
if only, if only!

PS: my next post will be about Geert Wilders . 
I went to  hear him and it was all that I expected and more. 

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