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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Auf Wiedersehen Geert Wilders

"The Flying Dutchman" (1843) is an opera, with music and libretto by Richard Wagner. The story comes from the legend of the Flying Dutchman, about a ship captain condemned to sail until Judgment Day. And guess what this Dutch man had been condemned for: Blasphemy!  

How could I not make a connection, however tangential, to  Geert Wilders, and how could I not take a bit (or even a lot) of poetic licence ...any pretext to insert a bit of music....

Veni Vidi Vinci

He came 
thanks to the herculean  efforts of  the  Q-Society, a David who fought a nasty big Goliath.

He saw
just what a  speech-strangled country  Australia has become

He conquered
the minds and hearts of those who actually listened to what he had to say.

I did listen, and he certainly conquered what was left to conquer of me, that Friday evening in Sydney. Here is the unashamedly biased  take of my personal Geert Wilders experience:

The protesters: 

One of them kept shouting  a slogan at us which, I think,  pretty much summed up their level :

"that guy is a fucking German Jew"

And just in case we had not heard it the first 9  times, he continued earbashing us with  this mantra until we reached the security cordon.  If we believed  the Goebbels school of propaganda "repeat a lie often enough and  it becomes the truth", then that night, Geert Wilders became a "fucking German Jew".   We were told that the Protesters were "students" and members  from the "Socialist Alliance" or something like it:  Products of our universities?...*shudder* Our future political leaders? **double shudder**

The N.S.W. (Sydney)  police security forces: 

Out in force after the initial security debacle in Melbourne a couple of days earlier, they were just wonderful:  efficient, reassuring, courteous,  friendly, a force to be proud of, and quite some eye candy;)

 The Q-Society: 

These brave volunteers who organised what  local Politicians  from all sides, (cowed into submission  by  moronic  rabble, assorted vested interests and the illusion of wining votes that way) had  tried unsuccessfully to turn into a debacle,  were strong,  efficient, security focused yet welcoming and friendly. They  have my full admiration for their courage and perseverance.  I will join them in the wake of their gigantic effort.

The public:

The 500+ patrons in the auditorium,  a warm, intelligent and  welcoming crowd  of all ages and backgrounds, hopefully made up for the breathtakingly vulgar  cowardice of  our politicians,  Jewish community leaders  and most of our media.

Geert Wilders:

Charismatic, erudite,  elegant (physically, intellectually, ethically), courageous and inspiring. The applause was thundering and multiple, the ovations were standing on their own feet.

Read the transcript of his speech here:

"...Don't be afraid of me. 
I'm a law maker, 
I'm not a law breaker. 
And I'm just telling the truth..."

...said Geert Wilders, a democratically elected member of the Dutch parliament, leader of one of the biggest political parties in one of the oldest democracies in Europe, shunned and insulted by his Australian counterparts  who obviously could not  "handle" the truth. The violence of the Australian  protesters, the St. Peter-like  cowardice of the Australian  politicians, media and community leaders, the fact that Geert Wilders has to live under 24/7  police protection really prove ALL his points.  

(lyrics french/English below)

The Media: 

The bad: 

This is the tail end of probably the silliest person, masquerading as a journalist, Geert Wilders had to confront. The cut shown here comes after the little man had been yapping at Mr. Wilders' ankles, trying to insult him  for about 1/2 hour; I found the Dutch politician's restraint  simply impressive. (the full interview is here:)

The fair:

Miranda Devine, one of our best  journalists wrote:  "Free speech stoned to death"

At the end of her column she asks a few questions, which I couldn't resist answering:

Q.:But I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel for the decent law-abiding Australian Muslims I know to sit in that room.
A.: Being  the first victims of a  strictly applied Islam, they might actually feel a relief that someone says what they are not allowed to say.

Q.:What is wrong with a Muslim women wearing a headscarf?
A.: Being a Western feminist, you ask this?

Q.:What is wrong with painting an arrow on the floor of a jail cell pointing to Mecca?
A.: What specific alterations in the furniture and architecture of prisons are made to accommodate Christans and Buddhists etc.?

Q.: What is wrong with Muslims building a mosque to pray in?
A.: Do we need 60 mosques - and increasing - in Sydney, when the muslim community in Australia represents, so far,  only 2% of the population?

Q.: And why keep calling Muhammed a paedophile?
A.: What do you call a man of 50 who “marries” a girl of 6 y.o. and has sex with her at the age of 9? And dont forget, muslims are supposed to emulate their prophet, and they do, even now in 2013.

The good: 

Quadrant Online  "With Wilders on the road to woe" by Roger Franklin & Tony Thomas.
I strongly recommend this article.

The best: 

Andrew Bolt who wrote a series of articles about Geert Wilders

Here he asks: "If Wilders is wrong explain this conference"

The Australian politicians

ALL of them - made me ashamed for Australia. Even St. Peter, not the most courageous of men,  would have put them to shame - at least he waited for the rooster to crow 3 times before he pointed the finger and quickly crawled under the table to hide. Our politicians volunteered so eagerly to misquote, vilify and "take their distance" from  Geert Wilders that they forgot even their basic manners if they ever had any.

"...I have spoken in the premises of the United States Congress, the British House of Lords, the Danish Parliament and other government premises. I participated in conferences in the U/S. and Canada, Germany, Italy, and elsewhere, with people none of which belong to the far-right..." (Geert Wilders, Melbourne 2013).

Leaving the venue that Friday night, I heard one patron say: "If we could get ONE politician of Geert Wilders' calibre, we would welcome him with open arms". That person seemed to speak for quite a few people.

I found the vulgar cowardice of politicians, media and assorted thugs quite UNaustralian, it was certainly not "true blue" in the sense of this John Williamson's song: 

Et voilà the lyrics (with my English translation) of Guy Béart's french song: "La verité":

Le Premier qui dit la verité - The first who tells the truth

Le premier qui dit se trouve toujours sacrifié - The first who tells is always sacrified
D'abord on le tue - First he is killed
Puis on s'habitue - Then we get used to
On lui coupe la langue on le dit fou à lier - One silences him, one calls him a fool Après sans problèmes - After that, without problems
Parle le deuxième - speaks the second
Le premier qui dit la vérité - The first who tells the truth
Il doit être exécuté. - must be executed.

J'affirme que l'on m'a proposé beaucoup d'argent - I testify I was offered a lot of  money
Pour vendre mes chances - To sell my chances
Dans le Tour de France - in le Tour de France
Le Tour est un spectacle et plaît à beaucoup de gens - The tour is a show  loved by many
Et dans le spectacle - And in the show
Y a pas de miracle there is no miracle.
Le coureur a dit la vérité - The racer told the truth
Il doit être exécuté. - He must be executed

A Chicago un journaliste est mort dans la rue - In Chicago a reporter was found dead in the street
Il fera silence - He will keep his tongue
Sur tout ce qu'il pense - on everything he believes in
Pauvre Président tous tes témoins ont disparu - Poor President all your witnesses have disappeared
En choeur ils se taisent - They are a silenced choir
Ils sont morts les treize - The thirteen have fallen
Le témoin a dit la vérité - The witness told  the truth
Il doit être exécuté. He must be executed.

Le monde doit s'enivrer de discours pas de vin - The world must be intoxicated with speeches not with wine
Rester dans la ligne - Stay on the path
Suivre les consignes - Follow orders
A Moscou un poète à l'Union des écrivains - In Moscow, a poet in the union of writers
Souffle dans la soupe - blows in the soup
Où mange le groupe. - whereas the group eats
Le poète a dit la vérité - The poet spoke the truth
Il doit être exécuté. - He must be executed.

Un jeune homme à cheveux longs grimpait le Golgotha - A young man with long hair climbed  Golgotha
La foule sans tête - The brainless mob
Etait à la fête - celebrated
Pilate a raison de ne pas tirer dans le tas - Pilate is right not to shoot into the crowd
C'est plus juste en somme - Somehow it's fairer
D'abattre un seul homme. - to cut down one man.
Ce jeune homme a dit la vérité - This young man spoke the truth.
Il doit être exécuté. - He must be executed.


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