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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Pope and I ...

...share our country of birth, beautiful Bavaria. So with my innate tendency to presume, I boldly declare that I know why Pope Benedict XVI resigned, the first Pope to do so in something like 600 years: Er hatte einfach Heimweh. He was simply homesick. ("Heimweh", like "Gemuetlichkeit" are two German words that dont translate.). To his "Heimweh" we could add that he might also simply have been a little  fed-up with being called the "Nazi Pope" by the usual suspects of the  herd.

For his 85th birthday, a group from his home town, Freising (Munich)  travelled to the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo to present him with a bit of Bavarian culture.

Here is the Ave Maria Bavarian style: 

I always found the Bavarian sense of humour a little on the heavy side, but it does exist. Here is a traditional way of expressing it, presented in  "Gstanzln" which, so Wikipedia tells us, is close in nature to "Rapping". One of the stanzas for example says something like this: "Holy Father, we have learned that you love Weisswurst, but that, instead of drinking beer to wash them down, you chose wine. We fear that this might offend these Bavarian sausages". (And yes, it's nearly as heavy in the original);)

In Bavaria we really do yodel and some of us do  pray, this is a combination of both, the Andachtsjodler, finishing with the Bavarian Hymn.

Right now, I too, feel a little Heimweh, and I soooo understand our so-far-still-Pope, that all he wants is to return to his beloved Bavarian mountains, his books, and his writing. He never wanted to become Pope in the first place.

Pfiat'eich Gott, Heiliger Vater!:)


I'm not quite sure, but I think Geert Wilders
who arrives in Australia next week,
  was brought up in the Catholic faith,
 before "going atheistic" in his teenage years,
 as he says in his book.

Update: 20.2.2013

Australian media has a tendency towards the permanent sneer when it comes to conservative thought, to the vox populi  or to Catholics. This goes doubly for the tax payer funded media, such as the ABC who wants to be as propagandist as the BBC when it grows up. One of the few  who courageously and eruditely swims against this effluent of  herd-think is Gerard Henderson. Here in his customary intelligent way, he shares his knowledge while at the same time, without fear or favour,  correcting a few of those irritatingly ignorant sneerers.
The article by Gerard Henderson appeared yesterday in the Sydney Morning Herald

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