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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Assassination Attempt in Copenhagen

You could be forgiven and you don't necessarily have to  live under a rock if you have heard nothing about the attempted assassination of Lars Hedegaard in Copenhagen a few days ago. The moribund "old" media was and remains rather stumm about it, which is amazing considering that Lars Hedegaard is a danish news editor, rather well known in Europe.  Could this pointed silence have something to do with Hedegaard having spelled out that a) he would  not go gentle into that good night, but rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light or b) that he described his would-be murderer bluntly as "not an ethnic Dane", but "an Arab looking immigrant"?

"Well, it’s dangerous to be Lars Hedegaard, or Lars Vilks, or Geert Wilders or Ayaan Hirsi Ali – while there’s surely nothing safer than peddling “dangerous” “edgy” cobwebbed multiculti pieties and knowing that, whatever words you utter, there will never come a day when you’ll be called on to bet your house and your savings and perhaps your life on them.
That’s what Lars did this morning, in one of the oldest free societies on earth. On the Continent, for the few who talk about Islam and Europe life is not “benign and highly profitable” but comes at a very steep price" writes Mark Steyn.

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