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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

UN for [the violation of] Human Rights

J'accuse the UN not only of  fostering the violation of human rights, but of violating them! Just have a look what snouts suck from  that through - they are not only leeches at the public tit, but even worse....errr.... .........I'm running out of sufficiently insulting metaphors, mixed and otherwise to describe this nasty nest which  the UN has become........so just a word on one of their darlings, the newly departed Huge Chavez: some mother somewhere told her daughter or son that if s/he could not say anything nice about someone s/he should say nothing. So: "saying nothing". (*)

H/T for this video "Anonymous"  (see comments)


Seeing that this above video has disappeared, I think I'll  replace it with this "banned" speech at the UN by the delectable Hillel Neuer from UN Watch. The video is 6 years old, but is as relevant now as it was then......if not more so!

(*) Update:
Actually, on reflection, I think the advice from  that mother-somewhere to her children "if there is nothing good you can say about someone, you should say nothing" is pretty stupid  and ultimately dangerous to all of us because it surely is just that kind of advice that has  led to the death of sooooooooo many in the concentration camps of Hitler and others. So let me say a 1000 words about the newly departed Chavez:

Two darlings of the UN


  1. Is this the deleted video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbc6UVKSsTE

  2. Well, Anonymous aren't you a sweetie!!!! Thank you. I dont remember if that was the video (my attention span being that of a humming bird on speed) but the video to which you linked is EXCELLENT. I will actually not only replace the deleted*one with it, but keep it for further use, because it is absolutely timeless.
    (*) I so often come across videos I have posted that have been deleted - it's quite depressing. But you made my day. Thanks again:)