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Saturday, 20 April 2013

About those Boston bombers...(*)

(*) will be updated as it develops.

...I don't know. Somewhere I have a very uneasy feeling. Am I turning into a conspiracy nut? Or is the little warning light waved about by the best friends I have, my instincts,  to be taken seriously?

I don't need to add to all the  already published  "information" about the Boston bombings, but the denouement of this terrifying tragedy seems just a little too neat to me.

Yes, the Boston Bombers are Muslims of Chechnyan background, bringing back the horrible memory of  "Beslan's Children", they were, so their face book tell us, inspired by one of the islamist weeds spreading its poison  here in Australia, Sheikh Feiz, and they have apparently travelled back to Chechnya after  being accorded refugee status in the US...all that and more  fits  nicely into the "normal" islamist terrorist box.

And yet....

click here for a conclusively inconclusive press conference.

Originally I thought (and said), if they take the Boston Bomber(s) alive, I will no longer wonder what that sudden, unscheduled discussion (closed to the press)  between Obama and the Saudi Foreign Minister, right after the Boston Marathon Massacre was all about, and I will accept that the permission for all Saudis to leave the US immediately was no more sinister that the free leave pass they  got right after 9/11. I intended to  accept that the initial suspect, a Saudi, was "let go"  on solid grounds and that his release had nothing to do with the meeting between Obama and the Saudi Minister.


the first alleged Boston Bomber is dead.

His younger brother, the second alleged Boston Bomber is alive, but (so it now appears) barely.


I will hold  my instincts at bay, and wait for his testimony.......unless, of course, this second alleged Boston Bomber is also going to meet the 72 brown eyed virgins...in that case:  watch this space!

This reaction to evil by the people of Boston is inspiring:

I will post updates here, and they will all be in Oz-time.

First update 21.4.2013:

From the ABC news this morning:

"...It is believed the 19-year-old was shot in the throat in the earlier gunfight with police and it is unclear when he will be able to talk again. Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick confirmed Tsarnaev's condition was serious, but added he hoped he would survive. "He's not yet able to speak," he said. "We have a million questions and those questions need to be answered...."

2nd update 21.4.2013

Found on  SheikYerMami's  blog tonight:

Curiouser and Curiouser...

3rd update 22.4.2013 - a little interlude:

A timely  lesson by Andrew Klavan on:

"How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre" 

4th update 23.4.2013 

That pebble in my shoe keeps irritating me: So, okay they now have a confession from  the surviving bomber who, so we are told, confirms that he and his brother "acted alone". His statement cannot be used in Court, because he was not read his rights before it was obtained, in other words: we have to take "their" word for it.

Hmmmm, if I may indulge in a little mixing  of metaphors:  perhaps this pebble in my shoe is rather the seed of suspicion, planted in my mind when I first read about "that initial suspect", a Saudi,  who apparently enjoys special protection in  very high places...where is he now?

Glen Beck seems, perhaps, a tad emotional in his delivery, but I think it's worth listening to his points here. 

5th update - 
Ann Coulter on  the Boston Bomber's Muslim Wife: harsh, but not entirely unfair...

6th update -
continued here


  1. Hi yes one very rarely survives a gun shot wound to the throat - also the loss of blood over the hours he was in the boat tells me if these injuries were true he should be dead. We will never know the truth. I believe he should be sent to Guantonomo Bay, waterboarded for several days then marched out and shot. A little too extreme? Ok forget the waterboarding just shoot him. love your blog

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ouuuch! I'm glad you held off with the waterboarding ;) Blog thanks you for loving it:)