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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The defaming of Pamela Geller

“I don’t spread hate, I EXPOSE hate!”

Sir Winston Churchill had an explanation  for what might have motivated  the two  Rabbis to join  the herd of Pamela Geller defamers with an article they called "Hate Speech Has No Place in a Synagogue":

An appeaser (Churchill said) is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

This video (h/t Vlad Tepes)  is a response to that article  but it is also a message to the rest of the herd so eagerly into the fashionable sport of  Pamela-Geller-bashing without ever hearing or  reading what she says. The introduction by the poster of the video is quite an eye-opener also.

I have been an admirer of Pamela Geller's courage  for a long time. I wish, more of us had half of  it. Here is what she said during her acceptance speech of the Queen Esther crown:

"STOP BOWING DOWN !  It’s getting worse and it’s getting scarier  for the Jews …the worst thing you can do is “Operation fœtal position” We have been there, we have done that, we have died,  ENOUGH, stand up." 


Pamela Geller's Banned Synagogue Talk, April 14, 2013

Usually, with the contemporary attention span being shorter than that of a humming bird  on speed, I don't post looong(ish) videos, but I make an exception with this soi-disant “controversial” speech by Pamela Geller.  If you have 20 minutes or so, do yourself the favour to listen to this extraordinarily brave and inspiring woman.

For those who do not have time to listen here are a few samples of  what she said:

Half way into the speech (minute 12.30) she tells us in just a little sentence the quintessence of what she does:

“I don’t spread hate, I EXPOSE hate!”

I don't worry about the Fanaticism of the enemy, I worry about the confusion on our side”.

“I don't have to pat on the back every Muslim that doesn’t want to kill me”

“Don’t burn the Koran, read the Koran”

“You must speak…you are hearing little things during the day: Do not let them go !

“Everyone standing up to this issue is a giant!  It’s withering......believe me, You would not want to be me”

“ You must speak SPEAK…and withdraw your sanction (of evil)”. 

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