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Monday, 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher

"Everyone has the right to be unequal..."

"...a single (European) currency is about a Federal Europe by the backdoor..."

thanks vlad tepes

13. October 1925 - 8. April  2013

Update: 14. 4. 2013

A Woman of Substance, so one of our best columnists, Miranda Devine, describes Margaret Thatcher in this article which I highly recommend you to read, if you are at all interested in Australian politics. In it she gives you a brilliant run-down on the machiavellian machinations of our opportunistically  feminist politicians from the left. 

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  1. G'Day Rita, Read your post on Winds of Jihad on Margaret Thatcher. A great lady indeed and she will be missed by all those who have godly wisdom. May she RIP.
    Cheers...Aussie Lady