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Friday, 26 July 2013

The new French Resistance

There is a real  groundswell against the far left  Government of  Francois Hollande  who  owes far too great a debt  to those who are intent on transforming secular France (once called  "Fille ainée de l'Eglise")  into a "submissive daughter of  Islam". It  is  not yet allowed any oxygen in the main media who, in the majority,  are mere mouthpieces of a rather frightened political elite, but you are seeing this resistance emerge in online papers, on  blogs, on  twitter, on face book and on personal videos. Like for example the video of  this young woman who posts as "La Blonde de Youtube" and who here, in five minutes, articulates courageously some  politically incorrect truths on immigration, integration, jihadists returning to France  from Syria etc that  Le Monde would never face, let alone publish.

She is neither of the Right nor of  the Left, she says; "I am here for my country, who is in serious danger, I am a patriot".  She feistily tells those who threaten her with death by throat-cutting: "Et bien, ecoutez-Messieurs: Je vous attends"

 "It is encouraging and refreshing that a dynamic youth is joining us in our combats to save France" writes Djamila GERARD from Riposte Laique where I found this video:


Quote of the day: 
“Un government qui a peur me fait peur”
A Government that is frightened, frightens me.
Marine Le Pen on  LCP le 1.4.2012 

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