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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Australia Votes: Labor

With apologies to the Gospel of Matthew:  "You live by the knife-in-the-back, you die by the knife-in-the-back". This is what happened recently to Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Not to  put too fine a point on it: Gillard knifed the sitting Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd who, three years later returned the favour by challenging her for the Leadership, a challenge he won he won just a few weeks ago.

I actually like Kevin Rudd, and I certainly  understand the desire for revenge, I just don't want him as my Prime Minister, nothing personal...it's party-political ;)

Gillard was surrounded by a militantly feminist support group (also known as her "handbag hit squat") and together they not only played the sexism victim card, but maxed it out. Some people, a little less cynical than I am,  were surprised that not ONE of her strident  political sisters showed any solidarity with the first female Australian prime minister during her demise, hanging onto power rather than showing loyalty to the sisterhood.

In the euphoria of regaining his place in the sun, Kevin Rudd asked  everyone to "be a little kinder". No trace left of this 'kindness' now, as there are just 3 weeks to go  before election day on the 7. September 2013:


  1. Must say I really have it in for Bob Carr right now much more than Rudd. And Gareth Evans. They have Europeanised the ALP I guess probably with the Islamisation of Europe in mind. Sucking up to the Quisling parties starting appropriately in Norway and then across Europe.

    All the better to position themselves as the Quislings of Australian politics when the time comes.

  2. The last "performance" by Bob Carr (Australian Foreign Minister) on the steps of the Lakemba Mosque removed any doubt that he identifies very much with those who declare openly that Israel should be wiped from the map. Whether he covets the possibility of personal gain in promoting the islamisation of the West or whether he simply hates the Jews, I don’t know, but I find both motivations despicable.