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Thursday, 19 December 2013

OUR soldiers are coming home

Marlene Dietrich was on the right side then, not only because she was on the winning side, but because the winning side was the right side. (I am saying this as the daughter of a German soldier) And the right side will win again.....eventually.  

"What does Marlene Dietrich sing here?" a friend asks me, sorry I forget sometimes that "english" (not my mother tongue) is the language I have chosen for this blog and that  I expect a little  too much language knowledge from everyone: what the quintessential and authentic pacifist, Dietrich, does here is basically give absolution to "the" soldier for war. 


After nasty experiences like muslim clerics harassing the  families of OUR soldiers here in Australia, some of those  families will have a special present this Christmas as the last Australian troops arrive home from Afghanistan today!  YAYYYYYYYYY. WELCOME BAAAAAACK ! HEROES !

No videos from our OZ soldiers yet, but this one  from the US is, I think, universal and will pull your heart strings, unless, of course, you dont have any. I challenge you not to feel at least a little misty eyed watching this:


Update May 2015: ^^^ this video has disappeared, so lets enjoy this one: 

Some of our soldiers who did not make it home. 



Das^^^ ist für Dich, Pappa.

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