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Saturday, 21 December 2013

The French have had ENOUGH ...

...and out into the streets of Paris they went again, this month, overcoming a 1001 obstacles put in their way by the "authorities" e.g. "permission to march given', "permission to march withdrawn", permission to march given with conditions",  "permission to march given, but not near the Bastille, rather on a street far far away", permission to march etc. etc. etc. 

But, out into the streets of Paris they went and the hugely dhimmified French media  dived under the blankets and continued their efforts to kill the voices of these pesky and persistent French patriots with screeching silence. (The Germans call this "totschweigen".) Yet, eventually, more and more of us will hear them, thanks to the persistence of groups like Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine  among others.

Among the protesters on this wintery Sunday in Paris was Marie-Neige Sardin,  a French woman who has been to hell many times but keeps coming back. She is the last Fran├žaise de Souche* standing in this once idyllic little French town, Le Bourget,  just outside Paris, now classified as "quartier sensible" (sensitive suburb). As the daughter of a French soldier and managing the little book-and paper shop inherited from  her late father, she does not want to leave as did  most of her compatriotes, deplaced  by mainly  Arab/sub-Saharan/muslim migrants.  She wrote a book "CELLE QUI DIT NON" (the one who says NO) a title which  pretty much sums up the reason for her Calvary.

*) controversially translated as: "Pure French", "Ethnic French", "French-born French" etc. 

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