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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

They Torture Children, Don't They?

WARNING: I could not watch this video a second time, but i strongly believe this HAS to be published. Although a mere "girl's" life doesn't seem to be of great value in "that culture", I just hope that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE can come to the aid of this little girl......I don't know how though.  I found the clip via twitter at blog "themuslimissue" who introduced it like so:

"This was filmed in Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Let me know if you find any sign of normal human behaviour in this clip. Listen to them laughing at her struggling to get breath..."




  1. Jeez and when we do that to adult male terrorists to get info about upcoming attacks all the lefties get so upset about it! It turns out waterboarding is just the muslim way of teaching little girls to swim!

  2. vladtepesblog: I am a little less generous and would suggest this was less meant to teach swimming to the little girl than to amuse the pack...the pedophile's version of the dance of the seven veils.