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Friday, 13 December 2013

This German has an Alibi...

...because it takes more courage than that of a normal citizen, to stand against the prevailing group think of the ruling political and media pack and identify the dangers of islam for Germany and the rest of Europe. Michael Stürzenberger  does it, and he does it  publicly, in the face of ostracism, defamation, ridicule, judicial persecution, physical attacks and death threats. And what's more, in the face of a galloping Anti-Semitism he stands up and defends the Jews, unwavering and loudly. 

What would I have done when Nazis ruled the frightened herd? I hope  that I would have been a member of  Die Weiße Rose, but being as cowardly as the next person, I fear I might have looked the other way and remained (at best) semi-silent. My "hoping" gives me only a very shaky alibi. But, Michael Stürzenberger's alibi is strong. Seeing him week after week facing aggressive, hostile mobs, fearlessly and strong, I just know that his alibi is as strong as mine is weak: he would never have followed Hitler's Herd.  

"In1943, 70 years ago, guillotines in Munich and other German cities beheaded human beings every day. Among them were the young members of "Die weiße Rose".
The composition:
"Die weiße Rose" is composed in A minor, on white keys only as a tribute.
It is a bittersweet piece.
The white Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers - but it always will be associated with "Die weiße Rose" and their message:
"We will not be silent."
"Die weiße Rose" has thus become a symbol for the fight for freedom, worldwide, in all times. May our music contribute." (Read more about Die Weiße Rose and this piece of music here )


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