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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mohamed was a Macho Man ;)

"A wife may not speak to her husband without his permission,  even in bed"
(minute 2.12) 

Where is Julia Gillard when you need her...!!!(*)


(*)  For those of my readers who are not familiar with OZ politics: Julia Gillard was the first female  Prime Minister of Australia. She  was quick to detect misogyny (even where there was none), but her  linguistic prowess did not extend far enough for her to know the meaning of "misogyny".  After one of her "impromptu"  speeches to parliament went feral among the twitteraty and the global sisterhood,  the politically aligned Australian Australian Macquarie Dictionary   came to the rescue of the damsel in semantical distress, making "misogyny" more "inclusive". (Ahh the power of Power). 

In that "spontaneous" speech  she  famously vowed to "call out misogyny and sexism wherever I see it",  however, an habitual breaker of promises, she didn't  keep this one either when giving a  lecture in Dubai,  this bastion for Womens' Rights. 


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