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Thursday, 3 July 2014

3 Jewish Boys

I have followed the news about the kidnapping and murder of these 3 Jewish boys closely, hoping, against what we have come to expect from the culture of their terrorist abductors and killers, that they might be saved. I just  did not know how to post about it. I still don't quite know, not wanting to add more pain by perhaps violating some deeply Jewish tradition. But post I must, especially as a non-Jew.

I will start by sending my deepest personal condolences to the families of the 3 Israeli boys, so brutally kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorists. They were murdered for being Jewish, and so my condolences go also to the Jewish people everywhere.

Three Jewish children of Israel

Eyal Yifrach           Gilad Shaar         Naftali Frankel 

Eyal Yifrach singing a week before he was murdered 


The Israeli Army General

The brave Arab Child of Israel

The Palestinian Mother

The new Nazi Salut taught to Arab children




The Letter from my Prime Minister

A consolation



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