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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Postcards from the Israeli Front

This is the little twitter exchange from Israel which caught my eye on 8 July:

Yeah, I'm back. Just rushed my 3 kids into a bomb shelter. Jerusalem. My kids are 1-2-5.

The answer, witty and concerned made me giggle and assume that it too came from an Israeli:

"They aren't barbarians. They are just young. ;)
Stay safe"

The twitter profile of this Israeli father  shows the photo of  a rather handsome young man and his ID reads: "Lawyer, PhD candidate in Int'l Law, Senior Research analyst @ xxxxxx Opinions are my own, RT not endorsements".

I read a  few more tweets by him and decided to follow him and to post the ones I like best here on my blog. 

8th July 2014 

Just to remind Hamas, my kids - now asleep in a bomb shelter after sirens in Jerusalem, are civilians.

Until further notice, Hamas is responsible for all my spelling mistakes. Barbarians.

Spelling and Twitter do not go together well.

BTW...Iron Dome rocks

That little moment of rushing to pick up sleeping toddlers and rushing to a bomb shelter. Stopping that IS why this operation is justified

Let me just put it this way: They are firing rockets at innocent civilians. Children. My children. There is a word for that. TERRORISTS.

Ok I've finally stopped watching the news, and switched to seeing Brazil getting whipped.

So in about 10 min the world cup game is over. I've a feeling we will see more rockets right around then.

I wouldn't have imagined its possible, but Brazil is having a worse night than we are....

9th July 2014

Kids woke up after night in bomb shelter. Have no memory of how they got there.

General feeling in Israel this morning."SO Hamas, that's the best you got?"

I personally prefer the chinese brand rockets, and not the cheap syrian ones. Those leave a nasty jihadist after taste.

The stopping of rocket fire for the game last night...not really comparable to the WWI christmas truce.

Pro tip: If there are mountains in the background of the picture, it wasn't taken in Gaza. 

What followed then hit me, in safe far away Australia, like a bomb shell:

I just got called up. Feel free to follow me, for a reservist's account of the war.

From this point on, assume I don't really know anything. Will tweet the experience of an IDF reservist, but no news.

So what do you do when you get called up? first thing is you have to pack. Choices...you want a light bag.

I've been given the equipment, the gun, the bullets. I guess I'm a soldier now.

And so, this Hamas terrorism has now become more tangible for me, in a nearly personal way because I will follow this young Israeli  father and worry about him. I will call him "my soldier" and will  share his tweets, as they come to hand, with you, here. 



  1. Thanks for this Rita. Another moving post.

    What you do is very very much appreciated. You should know that.

  2. Thank you geoffff.:) When it comes to make a decision about small things, I would have to be the most indecisive person in the world, but choosing sides in this is easy: As Pamela Geller says:
    "In any war between
    the civilised man and the savage
    support the civilised man
    support Israel
    Defeat jihad."