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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Postcards from the Israeli Front 2

I promised to post tweets from "My Israeli Soldier" as they came to hand, I will, but I'm running late. The reason for that is that I started to feel a little  intrusive and wanted to ask his permission. While my  questions were on the voluble  side taking up three tweets at least, his answer fitted the image I had  formed of him via his tweets: 

"No worries" 

Yaaayyyyyyyy :) 

His name is Gidon, the photo below  was taken on the 13. July 2014. He is a Lawyer, PhD candidate in International Law, Senior Research analyst, and as he said: "now I guess I am a soldier"

I want to make an unapologetic value judgement here: 

Should something happen to this soldier at the hands of the HAMAS Terrorists, even the potential  lost would be many many many x many  times greater than if one of the terrorists met his 72 virgins prematurely. 

I so often think about this, when I reflect on those "operating" Auschwitz...6 Million...what fraction of the great Potential they murdered? 

On a beach chair, munching bagels and watching another unit doing a drill..

Incidentally he later tweeted about that photo:

My wife is a little angry about that photo of myself in a beach chair..Tells me if that is what I'm doing I should come home

After you rush your kids to a bomb shelter bc of rockets, any question of the justness of this operation is mute.

Pictures of my sleeping kids have been retweeted 119 times...
I guess they are just that cute...

9th July 2014

OK, charging phone + Shaver + Kindle (yeah!).

The modern version of the book and the scythe... An M16A3 and a kindle.

Man those boots haven't been polished since operation pillar of defence. Sigh. Will try and get a new pair on base.

Thanks for all the warm wishes. Just gave my sleeping kids a kiss, hug to my wife, and now my neighbour is driving me to the pickup spot.

Look I'm not complaining. Some 250 new followers, and all I've done so far is sit around and wait for a bus. Once the fighting starts...

A soldier saying goodbye to his fiancé. Soldier is a funny term. An hour ago he was just a guy watching tv.

Awwww his fiancé is crying... Man I have something in my eye...

One guy here claims him and his three brothers got called up tonight. My Facebook also suggests a major call up.

Weirdly, I'll be joining my cousin, and brother in law, both currently serving - and 12 years my younger...

My commander has yet to arrive. He SMS me what other than a book he should bring. I SMS back, clean underwear. The uniform affects humor.

The officer here is about ten years younger than I am. He studies law. I could be his lecturer next year. Yet here, he's the king...

I will stress the point. Most soldiers do very little for a great amount of time. Currently we are sitting waiting for a bus to pick us up.

First rule of being a soldier, doubly so a reservist. Don't believe rumours. No one knows what is going on.

I can relax. Based on the chatter every guy here is a potential general.

The nation of Brazil is falling apart because of 7 goals. The nation of Israel is uniting because of hundreds of rockets. Crazy world.

On the bus. I'm going to catch some sleep. I have a feeling this may be the last chance for a while.

Weirdly, this is exactly like the army. Three hours on the bus, and we've almost returned to where we started. Picking up soldiers.

Three am. Still on bus. Soldiers telling stories of past glories, wives and girlfriends, children and guns. 

Follow ‪@cdlazear, the only other just called up reservist on this bus who tweets. The call up found him in the middle of a shot of whiskey

The brave soldier schweik is probably the best literary comparison at the moment.

I'm signing off for Shabbat. Shabbat shalom!

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