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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Proper Way of Beheading

This video (thank you vladtepes) is actually serious. It shows a Muslim cleric (*) explaining to a group of his followers the "proper way to behead people". In his own oh-so-caring way he insists that slaughtering  humans is different from slaughtering animals, and, if done correctly it should become a quasi orgasmic experience for the beheader, according to the teacher: 

The sword, you see, should be placed on the neck and then be moved back and forth, while slitting the throat - thusly finishing off the victim and at the same time rewarding the executing Allah-u-akbarist with a "petite mort".


- but (with apologies to the bard): 
What's in a name? that which we call a Muslim
By any other name is still a Muslim. 


Update 24. August 2014: 

thank you vladtepes


Someone once posted on some internet blog a comment which I found a little close to the limit, but seeing this video I dont know if we can still speak of "limits", let alone respect them. This poster wrote: 

"Centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia have produced some nasty mutations"


  1. I should drop by here more often. That tape has been deleted as in violation of YouYube's policy on shocking and disgusting content.

    Must have been very close to the bone. Probably also deleted vladtapes by now

  2. The deleted tape showed a girl (about 7 - 9) obviously instructed by a shadowy figure behind her, more than enthusiastically decapitating a doll. Quite chilling to the bone. (Thanks for dropping by ;))