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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Truth by Geert Wilders

Let me name-drop and quote Albert Camus who said: "Mal nommer les choses, c'est ajouter au malheur du monde"(*). And while I am feeling pretentious, let me speculate and boldly assert that Camus would have despised the fools of today who, confronted with an unmistakable truth hitting them in the face still simper "it's got nothing to do with Islam", just as, in the end, he despised his former friend Sartre who, long after the truth was there for all to see, still fawned over Stalin. I just know that he would have been with Geert Wilders who calls things, as ugly as they are, by their real names.

You, Obama, do not, nor you, David Cameron, nor you François Hollande and, sadly - very sadly nor do you Tony Abott. You held such promise and now you already show the submission of people who have finally achieved power and are afraid of losing it. And so you repeat, meekly, after Obama: "ISIL...nothing to do with Islam...bla-bla-bla" 

You all stand condemned by Camus, et je vous accuse!

Geert Wilders, once again, I salute you, I know the high price you pay for refusing to have your nose of the same colour as the one worn by the late Herr Schickelgruber's brown shirts.

found this video on vladtepesblog, so often the first cab off the rank.

(*) "Misnaming things adds to the tragedy of the world"

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