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Monday, 12 January 2015

Al Jazeera is no "Charlie" but...

...Mohamed has converted ! (*)

"I guess if you insult 1.5 billion people chances are one or two of them will kill you…" is part of the "lesson"  Al Jezeera executives offered   their Western servants  in a series of leaked email-exchanges.

Originally I  sneered at the “hash-tag compassionistas” with their “I am Charlie” paraphernalia. I thought them hypocritical, considering that very few of them would dare doing a “Charlie Hebdo” and show the rather tame caricatures  which mainly  insulted  good taste, yet which offended some Muslims so much that they massacred a whole bunch of people in Paris. 

But I have changed my mind because I came across an article by the “National Review online” which published some  leaked Newsroom emails from Al Jezeera to their Western “journalists”. These emails revealed Al Jazeera’s Fury over the Global support for Charlie Hebdo and showed  in no uncertain terms what kind of “perspective” the puppet masters of this Qatar-based Propaganda chain demand of their underlings. 

Al Jezeera’s “Man” in Australia is of course “our” taxpayer funded ABC/SBS who, in their eagerness to please their true masters, often seem to "out-al-jezeera" Al Jezeera itself. 

I am not only alarmed that the ABC and so many of their kind in the soi-disant ‘Western Media’ have become the 5th Column, but the fact that my taxes go towards financing the enemy within angers me to a point not of “islamophobia” but of “islamonausea”

Have a look at the  full article at the National Review Online to get a glimpse of what lurks under the superficially "westernised" burkas of Al Jezeera. 

(*) AlJezeera might not be "Charlie" but Mohamed has converted: here is what  the next cover of Charlie Hebdo  (first after the It-had-everything-to-do-with-Islam-Paris-killings) will look like: 


What next? Mohamed carrying a sign: "Je suis Juif"? 



Finally Al Jazeera meets a real man who tells it some truths and the propaganda outfit comes out of this encounter a little worse . 

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