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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Geert Wilders is furious...

...and so am I    

H/T  Vlad Tepes

Note to those  who have been cowards  for a while now: Obama(*), Francois Hollande, David Cameron, to her who has "turned" coward only recently, Angela Merkel and to the Australian  PM, Tony Abbott for  whom I still hold out some  hope:

Stop with your lying mantras "it's not about Islam", or the even more cowardly "it's not about Religion". Your pretend-fights against an army of euphemisms will not make us feel safer from ISLAMIC terrorism. How can you win against a deadly enemy if you don't even have the courage to name him. Organising sentimental Hash-tag marches and Mega-Media-Meetings will not do it.
Listen to Geert Wilders and learn from a man of integrity, courage and real leadership. 

(*) Is Obama just out of his depth, cowardly or batting for the evil side? The jury on this one is still out. 

And here is a little glimpse of that Dutch People Geert Wilders wants to protect and their traditions, represented by another brilliant Dutch man (of German/Jewish origin), Andrew Rieu.

Quote of the day if not of the Year, read on Riposte Laique : 

Jihad Terrorism is to Islam what the Gaz Chambers were to Nazism. 

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