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Friday, 18 September 2015

A real Man* and he is French: Robert Ménard

Si l'on n'est plus que mille, eh bien, j'en suis ! Si même
Ils ne sont plus que cent, je brave encor Sylla ;
S'il en demeure dix, je serai le dixième ;
Et s'il n'en reste qu'un, je serai celui-là !

For me, Robert Ménard is a hero - and so he is for anyone who knows what kind of courage it takes in today's France, to even briefly flash a tiny part of spine when it comes to defend this once gallant  country,  declaring  that one loves it and that one  intends to defend it's elegantly old-worldly traditions. 

Robert Ménard, co-founder of  Reporters without Borders   is 20 feet tall and if you watch this little video (thanks to Vlad for the sub-titling) you will know that I speak metaphorically. The rather prosaic Wikipedia Article will prove, yet again, that a "Hero" never comes without flaws......I believe that Robert Ménard came to us via Trotskysm .... or even worse ;). 

He personally won me over when he started out on his way to becoming persona non-grata among the "bien-pensants" (and yes I use the word in the pejorative sense) daring - at the height of the PC era getting a foothold on Western society -  to suggest that in the case of Daniel Pearl's kidnapping and murder  a case for discussing the legitimacy  of torture could be made...

Robert Ménard presently, as reported on Riposte Laique, being prosecuted for publishing this picture:

The Journal of Béziers
They are coming !
The files on  Béziers' Asylum Seekers.

Incidentally, someone  asked: "what will happen to this brave guy". Well, this video is also posted on some face book sites which directly threaten the life of Robert Ménard with cute rhetorical questions like "What are we going to do TO him ! " These threats should be reported to Mr. Face book. 


I always try to not only play any piece of music but to make it - even tangentially - relevant to the "message" of the post. For you to judge if I succeed. But this time I have no idea what to play. So I chose this little ditty - if for no other reason than the unintentionally funny comments it seems to inspire, (we really "don't get it, do we)...

(*) yes I know it's sexist, so? Sue me ! 

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