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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Angela Merkel's Führer Headquarters

"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" (*)

"Politically Incorrect (PI)", a political German Blog is as popular among thinking folk as it is hated by the "Authorities" and the mainstream Media. On 17. September they published an article, the bigger part of which I have translated below. I don't know if I got the writer's deliciously biting irony, but I think you will get the gist.

Merkel im Führerhauptquartier 

Merkel at the Führer's Headquarters

"Germany's downfall that we are currently experiencing is, in its pictorial representation, reminiscent of the downfall of the Third Reich. Trains full of people sent criss-crossing the whole country, exhausted volunteers, helpless politicians from the second row, and very far away in Berlin a lonely Führer figure in the headquarters, who orders the Volk to remain stoic, and pats the cheeks of her protégés in contrived film scenes. A German déjà vu.

Merkel schmusing her protégés,  desperate "Syrian" refugees
with their latest  must-have Smartphones

(By George S.)

Much of what we see these days is very similar to what happened during the last months of the Third Reich: Chaos everywhere, and in the far away headquarters the leader, alone, decides. Battle on the Oder, Volkssturm, what will be done is what the brain of the greatest general of all times is hatching.

This also applies today: Merkel commands, we follow. Whether the borders are open, whether laws and treaties apply or not, whether we will soon have to go to war, even against Poland in order to enforce compulsory quotas for so-called "refugees" or not, to the left, to the right or both at the same time: Merkel decides, alone, behind closed doors.

The mood of the people is just like back then: torn between the realisation that something is going wrong with those big bullet-proof plans and the hope that it will work out somehow: Integration, experts and the Twelfth Army is sure to come to the rescue. 

And then there is also the secret weapon of "the Führer knows what he's doing". Merkel too wants to serve Germany. And Merkel too has surely a miracle solution up her sleeve when in 2016, continuing the present trend, there will be about 4 million people coming  over our borders, from the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia: legally, illegally, or who-cares-ally.

One can do the sums at home with a pocket calculator: Either the Germans have to accommodate these people in their own living rooms, or they have to build a city the size of Berlin from the ground up within 12 months.

Back then too you could draw  the front line of the Russians on your dining table. Even if the picture did not fit the reports on the Volksempfänger. But Merkel has so far managed everything well, hasn't she: the Greek debt and so on...

And back then, the Führer had also managed the thing with Leningrad in the last minute, so why would this not work this time around, in the fortress of Königsberg?


Now, as then: scepticism everywhere, but nobody dares saying anything. One prefers to whisper: No, it will not end well, but be careful, otherwise they will come and get you. The regime has the people at his mercy up to  the last minute. Stauffenberg? Nothing to do with us, we are an honourable house. Pegida? Just a bunch of lowlifes. And: one wants to believe what one hears on the Volksempfänger! One wants to believe that the front is holding, because otherwise one would have to literally pack one's personal belongings [and leave].

The border with Austria is controlled again, so nothing to worry about. And furthermore: The Führer does not lie. These are all sacred refugees. Refugees who all do what typical refugees do: leave father, mother, child behind in the misery. Refugees who, grateful to have escaped the war, at last a piece of bread in their hands, do absolutely not want to remain in Austria.

Refugees who, as officially registered Syrian refugees have a right through UN quotas to be flown by plane from Turkey to other countries, yet  still prefer to  sail the sea via the sellers of souls.

Yes, all genuine refugees. Merkel would not tell us a fairytale. A German Chancellor does not lie.

All that's still missing so far are burning houses. "

Here is a sample of the commentaries this article elicited: 

The Muslim "Führerin" is the Mother of Duty Dereliction. 

Now she has given the Nero command. 

"Destroy Germany! We can do it !"

The little video clip was published on September 29, 2013 during a CDU party after the election. General Secretary Hermann Gröhe gets a   German Flag pressed into his hand and wants to wave it. Merkel takes it away from him out of sight. Was this an omen? Her first step out of the closet?


She  seems to share some of Herr Schickelgruber's likes and  might prefer the hues of a certain green, red  or even black on flags...

...or perhaps she has even  secret dreams of a return to the flag below. Yes, I know, that's nasty of me and I do apologise to people for whom this flag and song might bring back gruesome memories, but I do want to make an "in-your-face-Merkel" point, while one still can. (Merkel has come down hard on dissenting voices).


Some "official" poll  had 50 percent of Germans  (1 in 2) willing (even eager) to receive more refugees. 

PI too conducted a poll; here is their result at the time of writing: 

72969 visitors responded to the question if they wanted to accept (more) refugees in Germany:

Yes: 4.4% (3201 votes) 

No: 95% (69301 votes) 

no opinion: 0.6% (467 votes)

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