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Friday, 16 October 2015

The Difference between Arabs and Jews

Raoul Wootliff from The Times of Israel  writes:

"...As Israel faces a wave of terror attacks — eight Israelis have been killed in over 30 attacks during the last month — social media has increasingly emerged as a platform for Palestinian incitement and calls for violence.

In addition to praising the attacks and urging more of the same, a number of Palestinian activists have posted content with advice and instructions on how to carry out attacks..."

Included in the article are  Videos and photos posted to Face book and Twitter  which give instructional guidance on how to stab Israelis (ie Jews), methods for maximum bodily damage, and ways to create deadly weapons to carry out attacks.

These videos are  very confronting. You will find them in  Raoul Wootliff's article.  I will limit my post here just to this illustration from the Arab/Palestinian side, an anatomical chart  showing which parts of the body to aim for when stabbing a victim: 

Picture courtesy of  the  Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

The above (and the "how-to-kill-a-Jew" video manuals) evoke anger and nausea  but no surprise in  me. From what I have seen and am seeing, they seem to be  typical and very representative of the Arab/Palestinian terrorists and their supporters in the media(*), the UN and the EU.  

Compare this innate violence and lust for terror, killing and death of the Allah-U-Akbarists with the reaction shown by the Jews in this following video and the quintessential difference between Jews and Arabs will become obvious: 


(*) Looking at you, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Service). Your "reporting" on what is going on in Israel at the moment is becoming more and more manipulative and anti-Israel, anti-semitic,  anti-Jewish. You seem to have become quasi an  Australian branch of Al Jezeera, seeing that most of your "news" come from this  propaganda chain - not a friend of Israel or the Jews, to say the least. 

LATMA always had the gift of prophesy - I hope they will come back soon. 


Oh, yes, I forgot to state the obvious: Mahmoud Abbas takes up the default position of his kind: Lying. 


It actually makes me sick to see Israel taking this nasty  little viper to its bosom and feed it - so that it can come back and sink its poisonous fangs into innocent Jewish children some more. 

" While Israel is the victim of the soft bigotery of high expectations
Arabs are the victims of the racism of low expectations" (Bill Maher)



  1. If I didn't know that the how to stab a Jew video was real I would think I had stumbled onto an episode of Monty Python. But unfortunately it is real and the end result of 1400 years of inbreeding and a "religion" that could only

  2. Sorry I didn't finish my comment before it was posted. I meant to say that this "religion" could only get converts by the sword or by appealing to low I.Q. individuals.