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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Marine Le Pen a magnificent Anti-Merkel

While the magnificent Marine Le Pen is dishing it out to Adolfine Merkel, the Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna is giving it to the European Parliament. As I have rarely seen a more deserved dressing down nor a more succinct pen portrait of this close to bursting boil on the back of Europe, I will simply copy his introduction to the video without changing a comma:

"Last Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Fran├žois Hollande paid a visit to a quaint little vestigial institution known as the European Parliament. The EP is supposed to act as a lapdog of the unelected EU bureaucracy, rubber-stamping the legislation placed before it by the European Commission. It was designed to provide well-paid sinecures for national politicians who served the goals of the European superstate during the time they pretended to represent the interests of the constituents who elected them.

In recent years, however, the EP has become a forum for contention and argument as the issues of Islamization and mass immigration loomed larger and larger in European politics. Since her election to the EP, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, has given numerous eloquent and impassioned speeches on the floor of the European Parliament. 

She did not let us down last Wednesday when Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande went slumming to Strasbourg. My understanding of French is quite limited, but the following dressing-down of Frau Merkel and her Mini-Moi is supremely inspiring, even without a glance at the subtitles."

Thanks for the sub-titles go to Vlad 

And here is another good looking French Blonde, France Gall: she  sings a little Eurovision-style  song (German Hit Parade 1969, when Europe was still 'natural'with a title that just seems to fit: 


A little Goethe, a little Bonaparte ;)

  . .

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