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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Muslim Music Lessons in France

I found this video on  Riposte Laique  in an article by  Christine Tasin  of  Resistance Républicaine. This extremely brave French patriot (*) once again lifts the skirts of that so-called "religion of peace and love" and finds not very much love for the people of France, and no love whatsoever for music. She quite justifiably writes   of an incitement to hatred of the music-loving French people who are treated as pigs and apes, and of a very obvious manipulation/indoctrination of children by this "Imam of Brest". Judge for yourself: This is happening in FRANCE. 

thanks to VladTepes and Gates of Vienna for the sub-titling.

Resistance Républicaine is organising a Rally to take place this coming Saturday, 10 October, 2015, before the Town hall of Brest, in order to declare that:

"Salafism has no place in Brest" 

"The Imam Rashid Abu Houdeyfa has no place in Brest" 

and demanding: 

the closure of the Salafist mosque in Brest and the expulsion of that imam!

And now:  MUSIC MAESTRO :) 


(*) Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine are being prosecuted by The French Minister of Interieur, Bernard Cazeneuve, (who declared that "Jihad is not an offence and that evoking repeatedly  the Christian origins of France is nauseating), by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo - a former intimate "g/friend" of Pres. Hollande - who now bats quite shamelessly for Qatar, and by the Police Chief whose name I forget atm. And when we say "prosecuted before the "Justice" I am ill at ease, having seen this "Justice" in action under this Minister for Justice, Christiane Taubira.  If you are interested in those who are supposed to uphold "Justice" in France just google "Le Mur des Cons" and you will get a little idea.

Peas in a Pod:
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve
and Minister for "Justice" Christiane Taubira


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