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Friday, 27 November 2015

Paris Terror - the MasterNasty (*)

(*) I just cannot bring myself to call it "Master M I N D". I know  real humans who have one of those  (a "mind") and would hate to compare.


Here is a video, featuring the "Master Nasty", Abdelhamid Abaaoud, at the beginning of this year. Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna has such a finely tuned  Galgenhumor that I will use his commentary  to re-introduce the horror strip: 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud: 
What I Did at Summer Camp

As part of his semester of study abroad, the recently deceased mastermind of the jihad massacre in Paris took a little working tour of the battlefront in Syria.

Vlad, Rita, and I didn’t know his name when we made this video back in March of 2014, but we’ve now learned that he was Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a “Belgian” from the Molenbeek district in Brussels — also known as the “Gaza Strip of the Benelux”. In the video you can see the late lamented Mr. Abaaoud engaging in fun jihad camp activities, such as driving a vehicle around dragging corpses through the dirt.

And this was before the Caliphate was even proclaimed, back when the Islamic State was still ISIS, when it was confined to “Iraq and al-Shams”. Recent events have made it clear that Islamic State is now everywhere.

WARNING: Although this video blurs out the worst of the grotesque and bloody shots, it is still disturbing to watch. Readers who are sensitive to images of brutality and degradation may want to skip this one:


Below are the November 13 islamist terrorists who the media still describes as  "French" and "Belgians".  Looking at these nasty mutations (resulting from centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia?) I have some difficulties to  tell which ones are the "French" and which ones are the "Belgians".........


To recapitulate: 
"The Australian" featured  an extensive coverage of the terrorist attacks and the murdering Allah-u-Akbarists  in this article   this article, dated 20. 11. 2015: 

"Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of last Friday’s Paris attacks that killed 129 people, has been confirmed dead as more details emerge about the woman who was with him during the Saint-Denis raids, now named as Hasna Ait Boulahcen..."

... ...

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