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Friday, 27 November 2015

Paris Terror - Emma's "J'ACCUSE"

Hommages aux victimes: Emma did not go

François-Xavier Prevost, 29, resident of Lambersart (Nord), was assassinated on November 13 to the shouts of "Allah-u-Akbar", while attending the concert at the Bataclan in Paris. 

His sister Emma, like other relatives of the Paris Terror victims, was invited to participate in the national tribute, yet another media event organised by Hollande and his co-opportunists for Friday, November 27. She did not go. On her Face book page, she explained why she and her family decided to refuse "this outstretched hand by the political representatives of France":

"Because in France, since the attacks of January 7 to 9 this year which made 17 victims, nothing has been done [..]. 

Because in France, it is possible to be linked to a terrorist network, to "travel" in Syria, and to return freely to France [..]. 

Because in France, people known as "S" (= "endangering state security" or "terrorists") are allowed to move freely around [..].
Because in France, 89 mosques are recognised as radical, that is to say, they incite hatred. And that it was not until the tragic events of November 13th that finally the question of their dissolution is raised. [..].

Because in France, a man who committed a murder in 2006, was convicted in 2008, and is free in 2013. Because this same man is not afraid to tell the whole of France that he had hosted the terrorists for several days: "One asked me to render a service, I did render a service" [..]. (*)
Because the representatives of the French State decided to conduct air raids against the Islamist government in Iraq and in Syria yet did not bother to preserve the safety of their own citizens. " [..].

On behalf of the family of Francis Xavier Prevost, Emma concluded by addressing Francois Hollande, and the political class, with these words:

"We do not want your helping hand nor your homage as we hold you partly responsible for what happened to us! You should have acted earlier; the attacks of January should have been enough! "

(*) Jawad Bendaoud, a man who committed a murder in 2006, was sentenced in 2008 and was free in 2013 was the landlord who hosted the Paris terrorists to use his flat for several days.

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