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Monday, 16 November 2015

Paris Terror: a taste of Palestine

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, really seems to like Mahmoud Abbas

"We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because the owners were Jewish." (*)

This sentence, chilling in view of the massacre that happened there on Friday 13. November  with more than a hundred dead was, according to police sources, delivered in the offices of the DCRI, in February 2011. The French services at that time questioned members of "Jaish al-Islam," the Army of Islam, suspected of the attack that killed a French student in Cairo in February 2009. They were planning an attack in France and had therefore targeted the famous Parisian theatre.

In 2007 and 2008, the Bataclan was already under the threat of more or less radical groups. At issue: regular conferences and galas of Jewish organisations, including the "Magav", a border guard unit attached to  the police of Israel. In December 2008, whereas the Israeli military operation was taking place in the Gaza Strip, the threats around the Bataclan became more specific. A video on the net showed a dozen youth, face hidden by Arafat keffiyehs, threatening officials at the Bataclan about the organisation's annual gala Magav. At the time, the daily " Le Parisien" devoted an article to this without really identifying thes "activists". And, in the process, the annual meeting was postponed.

Since then, whenever a Jewish organisation met  at the  Bataclan, many hostile comments flourish on the Web. Yet in recent years, they seemed to have faded. Nevertheless, the Israeli press recalled that the rock band Eagles of Death who performed Friday evening had toured Israel. (BDS connection)

The French Jewish Defence League, a group of young French Jews, much maligned because  they will fight back when attacked, wrote the day after the Terror:

"...What disgusts  me the most tonight is that pro-Palestinians openly refer to the Bataclan concert hall as "Zionist" and have organised several demonstrations against the place.  here's the result ... 

" France wakes up with a taste of "Palestine" ...

France, as a preventive action, will kill Jihadists 4000 km away, but lets roam freely islamists, well known to the security services. France, as a preventive measure must get rid of them on their soil."

The LDJ believe that the Islamic terror attacks will continue, and here is  (partly) why: 

Caption reads: 
"It's not an offence to advocate for Jihad".
Bernard CAZENEUVE, (French) Interior Minister

I wonder, will  his  Paris stand with Israel ? 

While, as I write,  there is  much solidarity shown, Bleu-Blanc-Rouge lighting experts out-doing themselves all over the world's most famous monuments, I find  this demonstration by thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square  the most poignant; they  probably know better than anyone, what Parisians might be going through right now...being there, doing that.  


(*) The Jewish owners recently sold the Bataclan

Thanks for the sub-titling of the video to VladTepes and Gates of Vienna

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