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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Jewish facebook boss obeys Merkel and sides with Jihad

My Judeophilia and my  credentials for fighting Jew Hatred are clear to people who are important to me, nor am I  reluctant to spell out my philo-semitism even here! BUT sometimes I just despair of SOME Jews, I really do !

Latest example is Mark Zuckerberg, face book's co-founder, whom I would like to ask:   

Why, Mister Zuckerberg, are you collaborating with Mother Terrorista Merkel in the protection of exactly those people who want your people dead? Have you ever heard of the JUDENRÄTE? And if so, why do you want to follow in their steps?

While I'm not telling Herrn Zuckerberg anything new,  here is a little chronology for those who don't know: 

This Washington Post article tells us the following: 

The German government and Facebook are working with an organisation led by an ex-Stasi agent to oversee a new program that will identify “xenophobic” posts made on the social networking website and punish people who make them with fines and jail sentences.
The German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas met with Facebook this week to form a special task force that will work to remove comments from the website that “call for hatred” against migrants.The organisation will be overseen by Network Against Nazis (Netz gegen Nazis), a group led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane.

Although Kahane now describes herself as an “anti-racist,” she was intimately involved in another dark period of German history, working as a Stasi informant under the codename “Victoria” from 1974-1982.
Merkel's Choice (former colleague?) Anetta  Kahane

The Stasi, which liaised with the Soviet KGB, was the official secret police of the former Communist government of East Germany. Its role was to spy on the population and to use its vast network of informants to hunt down political dissidents. Numerous Stasi members were prosecuted for their crimes after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

And then the The Washington Times had this headline: 

Angela Merkel caught on hot mic confronting Mark Zuckerberg over racist Facebook posts:

The two were overheard exchanging words on a live transmission broadcast on the United Nations website, as participants took their seats at a U.N. development summit in New York. 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard on a hot mic confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over anti-immigrant posts, amid complaints from her government that the social network isn’t doing enough to curtail racist comments.

After Ms. Merkel asked Mr. Zuckerberg about offensive posts on the refugee crisis, the Facebook CEO said “we need to do some work” on the issue.

“Are you working on this?” Ms. Merkel asked in English,

“Yeah,” Mr. Zuckerberg reportedly responded, before the transmission was disrupted.

Well, Herr Zuckerberg seems to have kept his promise....at least HALF of it.......the BAD half:

And now some music. Something to "incite" you, Mister  Zuckerberg to not break this millennial chain that got you where you are now, a musician who proves that Jews just do have it, and for 'them', even sidelocks are no impediment to hot rock. 

Quote of the day: 

"Le terrorisme est à l’islam ce que furent les chambres à gaz pour le nazisme"
I am not sure 

but I think 

it's someone French 

who dropped this pearl

Update 18.1.2016: 

Found this in an article by The Algemeiner

Update 4.2.2016: 

Found this commentary on the excellent blog: Winds of Jihad



I am noticing a massive removal of photographs and video from the Internet that are critical of Islam or Muslims.

I am aware that this has been happening for awhile now but it has really ramped up as of late.

I am certain that this has to do with the heads of major social media and search engines ordering this to be done.

One only has to look to Mark Zuckerberg and his recent agreement (caught on videotape) with Angela Merkel at a security conference to begin sanitizing Facebook of all “hate speech” or the slightest criticism of Islam or Muslims.

This trend is extremely disturbing.

I recently looked for a photograph that was quite common a few months ago, relating to segregation of little menstruating girls from their peers because they were considered “untouchable filth”. That photograph is now almost impossible to find in a decent format.

This trend is also applying to video as well.

Please advise your readers that the moment they see video or a photograph or a page on a website, download it, screenshot it and store in on at least 2 external hard-drives.

It seems that we are almost into the memory hole and the darker part of the tunnel leading to mass global censorship.


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