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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Germans RAUS !!!

The publisher of the video below  seems to be surprised that  

"...the migrants in German schools don't even know what the word integration means, while German children are told to embrace multiculturalism".  

Well since Angela Merkel has flooded Germany with unchecked numbers of  mainly Muslim males in fighting age, euphemistically referred to as "refugees" or, since  the mass sex attacks on New Years Eve came to light, also called "rapefugees",  these German children are now forced not only to  "embrace" but rather to "submit" to the destruction of their own culture: example: Short Skirts are verboten !!! ... one would not want to "excite" Merkel's testosterone bombs... 

Well, sooooooooo much submission from the Germans for sooooooooo little appreciation from their "guests": 

Sheikyermami from  WINDS OF JIHAD whose blog is worth reading just for his killer headlines calls it as he sees it: 


Pssst:  this  original German text is quite different from the one Elvis sang in his "Wooden Heart".

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