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Sunday, 13 March 2016

French Riot Police play Hopscotch in Calais

Caroline Alamachere is an exquisite writer with Riposte Laique. I will not, however, translate  the article she wrote   yesterday about the scandalous treatment of the young French Patriots from the "Generation Identitaire" by Cazeneuve's emasculated Police, but I will instead post the pictures she chose. It tells the story of these brave young French patriots, whose future was stolen from them and sold cheaply by the Hollandes, the Merkels, the Camerons, and the rest of these porcine at the through. She speaks of these young people:

Picture of a little arsenal at the Jungle of Calais, and no, it did not belong to the Génération Identitaire. The French poster of the photograph wonders what could possibly be their destination...

Quelle peut bien être la destination de ces bonbonnes de gaz photographiées ce matin ?

A little hint as to the destination of this little arsenal:

This is what the Génération Identitaire was in Calais for
(we posted about it HERE)

and this: 

and this:

BUT, of course, we cannot have peaceful, brave young French Patriots trying to protect Calais, no way !!! Here come Bernard Cazeneuve's (French Interior Minister) cleaners:

And this is how our young French patriots are treated by the riot police (CRS): 

I wonder if the Nuremberg Defence will be used by François  Hollande, Frau  Merkel, and their accomplices,  once this nightmare is over ......

But now the cherry on that pyre and under the circumstance one of the most disturbing scenes I have seen in a long time. I found it via that rich treasure chest that is vladtepesblog. The makers of the video, Calais Infos Vérités who published it on the 12. March, introduce it like so: 

"Scène surréaliste à l’entrée de la jungle de Calais !!!
Les CRS jouant a la marelle avec les clandestins !!!"

Surrealistic scene at the entrance to the Jungle of Calais !!! The Riot Police (CRS)  play Hopscotch with the illegals !!!


Someone alerted me to the symbolic number: they were 130 identitaires ! 
"...130 identitaires !… pas 129, pas 125 , pas 132 , 130 !Vous avez compris , j’espère, la porté symbolique du choix de ce nombre…"
... not 129, not 125, not 132 but 130 ! " You understand, I hope, the symbolism of this number......." he wrote. 

It had actually escaped me...

....Paris, 13 November 2015.....130 dead....

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