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Friday, 29 April 2016

One brave French Policeman

This is Sébastien Jallamion, a French policeman just after he had dared posting on his face book that he did not think Islam was a good idea for France.  He was "dobbed in " by a female  Arab-Muslim colleague, and, predictably  in today's France,    he was IMMEDIATELY suspended from "duty", without pay, of course. 

Title in the "miscellaneous" Section of the paper reads:
"A police officer from Lyon suspended for provocations on Face book"

I will post more on this story, but for now I just want to let you know, what happens to a honourable, courageous, real French Patriot, a French Police Man, who  tries to protect his own people and country:  Here is how he looks right now,  after having refused  to meekly curl up in his corner and say nothing except, perhaps a timid little "allah-u-akbar". Have a look at this  same brave, unbendable French Police man, have a look at what they did to him, in France, the country of "Human Rights".... here he is, 3 days ago, in hospital where he will have to remain for some time yet: 

He is alive right now, only because of the intervention of a French motorist who was just passing by as Arab-accented thugs, who had attacked him from behind (of course), were about to give him  the coup de grace by orders of....  ???

For those of you who read French: the story so far  is HERE, I will translate it later. Watch this space.

Incidentally, the privacy of Pierre Cassens, the founder of Riposte Laique was recently violated too on orders from (Joseph?) Cazeneuve. Jack-booted executioners, abandoning every remnant of democratic decency took away the mobile phone, the laptop and his privacy from the courageous founder of  Riposte Laique whom the totalitarian State Machine of Hollande's socialist (Qatar/Emirates-financed?) government wants to destroy by the looks of it. They and the Mayor of Paris (former girlfriend (*) of  Pres. Hollande) have started at least a dozen processes against him and Riposte Laique - a concerted effort to destroy this  voice for French Patriots at least financially.  This in the light of a fully politicised Judiciary  (google "Mur des Cons").  

Will their Nuremberg Defence cut it, when the tide will finally turn? 

...Not if I have any say in it ! 

(*) Hollande introduced Anne Hidalgo to politics, but I do not know if she was a girlfriend with our without "benefits".  The gossip press at the time reported that Ségolène Royal (the mother of François Hollande's  4 children and his defacto wife at the time) was very unhappy about that affair. (yes "miouuu" I dont like at all what this "mayor of Paris" does to Paris and to French patriots). 


  1. I am over here on the west coast, california. However, I can't read French, and I know that translation is difficult on the net, not totally. I'm a researcher. I want to find everything I can about this and the people involved. I want to bring them down. Something about this attack, on this man, really got to me. I'm good at 'finding' things and putting the pieces together. I'm not going to stop. Any information that you can offer would be appreciated.

  2. I have gone to the twitter account. I don't read French, but I will put the names together. 'They' will be grovelling in the dirt when I'm through with them. They will not understand how someone from across the planet can enact such devastation upon their lives.

  3. @ Anonymous. Sorry for my belated reply. I was away.
    I know that Sébastian Jallamion also posts to this Face Book page: "Association Andele" and writes for Riposte Laique: http://ripostelaique.com/author/sebastien-jallamion

  4. I pray that he will recover and continue to fight the good fight. We need people like him in all nations.

    1. @ Richard: First they tried to "tame" him, then they tried to "silence" him, then they tried to "kill" him, yet he got up again each time. Although, from what I heard, during the reconstruction of his face they had to insert a plate, I think he is made of sterner stuff than the ones who wanted to silence him.