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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

French Resistance: J'ACCUSE

Early last week, a muslim terrorist, supposedly "under surveillance" by the Government, massacred a French Police commander and his life partner, also a police officer in their home, in front of their 3 year old little boy who survived "unharmed" as some reports said. "UNHARMED"!!!

The muslim killer recorded a Face book video, while waiting for the police to dispatch  him to his 72 virgins. He recorded his last "message" (a call for more killings in the name of Allah see it here at Rebel TV) while the little 3 year old  was in the same room, next to his decapitated mum. Reports say that they found the little  boy "prostrated" .  

The French Resistance (and yes, I do believe these patriots are the true French Resistance: every bit as brave as those who fought the Nazis) organised a  Rally at the Place du Trocadéro, Paris.

Of course, after trying to fob it off as an "incident" caused by a  "crazy loner,  killing some police", then as one of those "lone wolf attacks" so fashionable an excuse for islamic terrorism these days, even the socialist Hollande Government understood that this one  had been a step too far... and they quickly arranged a "beautiful ceremony"  for the battered police force in Versailles, allegedly  in homage to the victims: Not so much a "bread and circuses" as a  solemn "pomp and photo opportunity". 

One policeman, however, did not play nice and refused to shake hands (*) with the President Francois Hollande and his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls: 

Do you remember the story I told you about  One Brave French Policeman, the policeman they wanted to tame, then break,  then kill ? I was going to tell you more about his story and will do so yet. Meanwhile, here he is, Sébastien Jallamion, speaking at the real  homage  to his fallen colleagues, Place du Trocadéro, Paris, on 17 January, 2016.

Another speaker, an  outstandingly brave French Patriot and Resistant, Pierre Cassen,  addressed  what must be one of the most craven Governments in Europe, although, considering the stiff competition I should perhaps say: "a government just as craven and cowardly as most of the others". I had a short  conversation  with Pierre  just before posting this, in which I asked him to confirm a few points for me:

- Did Cazeneuve (the Interior Minister who, incidentally, is suing Riposte Laique before the Courts for Lèse-majesté )(*) really go to a Ramadan Dinner the day after this massacre?

Pierre: He went to the Grande Mosque of Paris some  48 hours after the two murders.

French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve,
at the Grande Mosque of Paris
Friday 17. June 2016

- Is it true that French Police did/do not have the right to carry a gun outside of their working hours (despite the State of Emergency declared in France since the November terrorist attacks in Paris and still in force)?

Pierre: That's exact.

- And now, in a gesture of great generosity, Cazeneuve will allow the police  to carry a weapon outside their working hours, something they have asked for for many years? 

Pierre:  Oui. 

-  There are  calls from the Antifa, the Jihadists and  elements of the Left to "kill some cop". Is that true?

Pierre: They don't say it exactly like that, but they call the police  "assassins", which stirs up that violence against them.

And here is Christine Tasin, Présidente of Résistance Républicaine, one of the bravest Women I know.

In Italia seicento e quaranta;
In Alemagna duecento e trentuna;
Cento in Francia, in Turchia novantuna;
Ma in Ispagna son già mille e tre.

In Italy, six hundred and forty;
In Germany, two hundred and thirty-one;
A hundred in France; in Turkey, ninety-one;
But in Spain already one thousand and three.

There were other speakers there, and I will translate some of their speeches and bring them to you, meanwhile for those who understand French, here they are.

(*) Precision, ( just in case this was not clear): 

The policeman, who refused to shake the hand of the president in the first video is neither  Sébastien Jallamion, nor - to my knowledge - related to him. It is Sébastien Jallamion who gives the discourse in the second video

(*) I do believe this was the caricature that got our friends at Riposte Laique taken to court by Cazeneuve who actually really said that he finds France's claim to Christian Roots quite nauseating.

Caption reads:
Left: "thanks to you France will be rid of Christianity"
Right; "and of secularity too, idiot." 


  1. the caricature seems accurate.
    the situation in france is beyond my ability to grasp and understand.
    i am watching the referendum closely. if they will decide to stay, i will consider europe as lost.

    1. @ mony
      You are right, this caricature reflects the truth, Europe-wide - and to quote something from a mouvie: "They cannot handle the truth"! It is that carricature for which "Riposte Laique" is prosecuted by the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve who actually literally said: "It is not a crime to promote Jihad". He has also launched other prosecutions on that feisty, informative and brave online journal .... it's "killing season" in France. :(
      I fear that regarding the referendum: you may consider Europe as lost, because even if vox populi votes for leaving, I doubt that it will be respected in parlament.

  2. Thank you Rita, your work showing the world the resistance of the true Frenchmen will never be forgotten by the true intellectuals of the future.

    1. @Richard. These true Frenchmen represent a real threat to the "pigs at the through" whose only interest is to stay in power and consequently they are targetted (often violently, always unfairly) by these opportunistic politicians. I hope the brave actions by these patriots will wake up the rest of decent French people so that this beautiful country can be saved yet.

  3. Thank you very much for your interest regarding the situation of my country ! Sébastien JALLAMION

  4. @ Sébastien JALLAMION: It is brave patriots like you who will save France, a country worth saving, from the greedy fangs of her corrupt politicians, lying Media, politisised Judiciary (Mur des Cons) and deadly invaders. I consider it a honour to help, even in a very small way. Bon courage, and stay safe!

  5. I am very happy to have you back. You were missed. There are no words to express how sickening this story is. I just received this video of a kindergarten graduation in Gaza. They were so proud of it that they posted it on youtube. www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM07FvcTEB&feature=youtu.be This is supposed to be evidence of how peaceful and loving they are. Could be an episode of "The Twilight Zone". But I doubt that even Rod Serling could have written it.

    1. Thanks June - good to be back :)
      Regarding that "kindergarten graduation in Gaza", the video in your link seems to have been taken off You-Tube, but I think you may have referred to this "ceremony":

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFWpkaQ02lM .

      As Golda Meir said so long ago: "There will only be peace when they love their children more than they hate us". I often wonder why there seems to be so little protest against this institutionalised child-abuse from our Western self-appointed child protection services - too busy spreading anti-Israel propaganda no doubt.

      Here is a good source to see what 'they' do to their children:

    2. PS: June: you may have meant this video instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-dq-UwSL1Y