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Friday, 12 August 2016

Boycott Halal

I have just come out of a major Sydney Hospital, not usually the perfect place for relaxation, but for added stress they actually imposed Sharia Law on every patient who wanted to eat by serving nearly exclusively HALAL food  and that in a country whose muslim population is, officially, only about 2 %. It made me sick and that pun - if it qualifies as pun - is intended: 

Halal jam, Halal butter, Halal milk, Halal yoghourt, Halal honey. I wonder how long before that hospital will have to change its traditional Christian Name to a more Halal sounding one like "St. Mohamed Hospital".  

"I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore"



For more  information about Halal click here


  1. Hope all is well with you Rita.

    Bloody disgraceful about the Halal. Muslims with dietary restrictions should cope with it themselves.

  2. Thanks geoffff - just a few (health) bumps to negotiate on the road back to full recovery.

    I have really come to understand the following (regarding muslims living in the West):

    Islamic veil = showing the rude finger to the host population whose values are EQUALITY between men and women.

    Prayers in the street = blatant physical invasion of the host country.

    Imposition of Halal on everything including (in Nestlé's case HALAL chocolate EASTER bunnies and Fathers CHRISTmas) = a racket used, (as proven by several cases recently) to finance the enemies of Judeo-Christian civilisations

    The lot ^^^ agreed to and imposed on (in Australia) 98 % of the population, seeing that the official muslim population only represents 2%, by cowardly politicians (both sides) who erroneously think they can buy the "muslim/islamist vote" by selling out their people. The Left (Labor) has now 2 practising Muslims on their FRONT Bench, London has a very very practising Muslim Mayor...and so it goes. The dhimmy politicians will lose out just as the people they are supposed to represent.

    End of rant ;)

    1. Correction: " ...In Nestlé's case..." should have read: "...in CADBURY'S case...", although, for all I know, Nestlé might have given into the pressure also.