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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Israel is fighting YOUR war, stupid Europe !!!

Mysteriously, or perhaps not so mysteriously so many YouTubes, facebook- and twitter posts etc critical of Islamic terrorism seem to have disappered into whereever these organisations or their rulers go to hide their political bias, while the most vile  Jew-hating postings (less and less  hiding behind the increasingly transparent  fig leaf of "wedonothateJewswejusthateIsrael") seem allowed to proliferate like invasive weeds on a fertile  dungheap. 

And so it went with  a number of videos from this blog. I had a few which pointed towards Israel as the 'canary in the mine' and Israel fighting the war for Europeans - gone.

Well here are a few thousand words if the rule "A Picture = A Thousand words" holds true, that tell the same story, very effectively I think: Are you listening France? Germany? Ireland? etc...

I let Pat Condell have the last word: 

"Europe's Last Chance"



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