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Friday, 26 August 2016

Merkel Must Go !

It's nothing less than a question of "to be or not to be", a question of survival, suggests this courageous German Woman, Tatjana Festerling. I am glad that there is some fire left in some German bellies and, make no mistake, they speak out at great danger to themselves. 

Thank you to Gates of Vienna and Vladtepes for the editing and subtitling of this fiery speech.



  1. Soros is a seriously evil man. I feel a shiver down my spine whenever I hear his name.

    He is as bad as a human being can get. I hope for all our sakes that everyone understands this.

    1. @geoffff When I hear about someone who seems so 100 + % evil, my inner warning lights go on..."scapegoat?" I wonder, but I have found nothing contradicting what is now understood by all even only half-way informed people who are not on his payroll - ie he is seriously EVIL.
      But so are those who serve him !

    2. He had no qualms at all about betraying other Jews to the Nazis and helping himself to everything he could steal.
      He is a savage and dangerous enemy of Israel and funds Islamist antisemitic gangs.
      He earned his fortune by currency manipulation that could have impoverished countries. He has the look and stamp of a true psychopath.
      He attacks everything that is supportive of Western values. Anything that is radical will get a hand out from.
      His plaything in Australia is GetUp.A nasty little gang that seems to have come from no where.
      Jews can be evil too. Soros proves this.

    3. He is actually quoted somewhere as naming his time as a Kapo "the happiest time of his life". He is actually the one that gives Jew Haters a hook to hang their anti-semitism on: "see, he is a Jew..typical"...etc. they say. Actually, fightin Jew Hatred where I find it (and it has become an all-pervasive stench) I first thought when I heard about this "Jew" Soros, aha - another Jew Bashing. But he is obviously one of the nastiest Jew haters and enemies of Israel, there is.

      The David Horowitz Freedom Center, who are also a chief target of this nasty piece Soros, recently published some interesting information about him. Worth looking up.

      I am not surprised that GetUp are in his pay....Looking at their methods, their seemingly deep source of money and which side they support, it figures.

      A Jewish friend of mine recently teased me by declaring: This is the first time that I hear you attack a Jew ;)